Tear Jerker / Rule of Rose

  • Brown's fate should bring tears to the eyes of anybody with a heart.
  • The entire game has a very solemn and melancholic feel to it. Given that you're literally reliving Jennifer's childhood memories, this sort of tone is to be expected. As if it weren't bad enough that everyone except Brown and Wendy dislikes Jennifer, the narration repeatedly referring to her as a "poor, unlucky girl" really nails it in how pitiable the protagonist is.
  • The Good ending. You shouldn't be able to feel so sorry for the person responsible for almost everything bad that happened during the game.
  • There is a scene that is very easily missed in the opening. Remember the moment where Diana, Meg and Eleanor are shown hammering the coffin? Well right before that there is a moment showing them hammering a bag in the attic. By the end of the game we know that Wendy and the rest of the aristocrats killed Brown. We're never told how they do this in the game itself and we are lead to assume that, because of the cut scene that's shows the imps (the darkest form the rest of the orphans take in Jennifer's head) sweeping a non-bagged Brown and the fact that Brown had previously been seen by both Jennifer and the player as a full grown animal (that would have been hard to put in a bag while still living) up to that point in the game, Brown was put into the bag after his murder. However, we are shown during the true ending that Brown was actually a puppy when the events took place. (Similarly how Jennifer was actually a young girl.) That brief moment in the opening then gains some meaning. Under the orders of Wendy, Diana, Meg and Eleanor kidnapped a defenseless puppy, shoved it in a bag, took it to the attic, and beat it to death with hammers. The fact that three girls could be fooled into killing a puppy is both incredibly disturbing and utterly heart wrenching at the same time.
  • If the player examines a window during the "Once Upon A Time" chapter, Jennifer will bask in the sunlight streaming through it. The scene is a brief moment of happiness made all the more poignant by the hell she is walking through. Cue Tears of Joy.
    The nights were lonely and cold, but you'd always greet me in the morning...Only you greeted me warmly. Thank you so.
  • Looking at the intro to see Young!Jennifer and Wendy play Princess and Prince in the rose garden is this, once you know what a dark turn it took. At one point, they really liked each other and were at least a little bit happy. And then jealousy and misunderstanding lead to the most horrible outcome possible.