Tear Jerker / Hook

  • Wendy's very first line, especially when she fully expects Peter to remember based on that alone. When he doesn't, she draws him into a hug anyway.
    Wendy: Hello, boy.
  • Peter missing Jack's baseball game and talking through Maggie's play.
  • Wendy desperately trying to get Peter to remember his past after Maggie and Jack are kidnapped.
    Wendy: Peter, don't you know who you are?
  • Peter's scream of "Those are my kids!" and immediately shedding his disguise as soon as he sees Jack and Maggie.
  • The reactions of the pirates, especially Hook, when they realize "Peter Pan" has gotten out-of-shape, prissy, and most horrifically, grew up, forgetting all about his childhood and what made him such a hero. The pirates just stare at Peter in Stunned Silence, and Hook is an Antagonist in Mourning for the loss of his Worthy Opponent.
  • "When You're Alone". Even the pirates get teary over it, save for Hook, who looks more like he doesn't know what the hell is going on.
    • He may have left so no one can see him cry. And his last words were "I want my mommy!"
    • In the Novelization, the scene is a little longer and that much sadder. It ends with Hook talking quietly with Peter's daughter through the cell door, acting rather more human than we've seen thus far.
      Maggie: Don't you have a mother? Or anyone?
      Hook: Child, I am the iron will keeping this ship together. I... have no time for such things.
  • "Remembering Childhood."
  • "You Are the Pan."
  • The entire scene where Peter regains his memories, starting with, "I remember..."
  • Rufio's death.
    "I wish I had a dad... like you."
  • This exchange, which paraphrases the book.
    Peter Banning: Tink!
    Tinkerbell: Say it, Peter. Say it and mean it.
    Peter Banning: I believe in fairies.
    Tinkerbell: You know that place between asleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming? ... That's where I'll always love you... Peter Pan. That's where I'll be waiting.
    (Tink disappears into the sunlight)
  • "Then I came back...the last time".
  • At the end when the children come back but their mother hasn't seen yet.
    Wendy: My dear child, have you been up all night?
    Moira: I see them in their beds so often in my dreams. When I wake up, they're still there.
  • Peter telling the story of how he ran away. He was scared of being an adult, of all the commitments and, most importantly, death. Even though his mother was planning things out for him so that he would be successful and yet still could be a family man, he ran away. And when he came back, they had had another child, and put bars over the windows to keep him inside. Made even worse because the original book had a story where Peter lived in a park in London for a good portion of his life before going to Neverland, and that same thing happened in that story.
  • The remorseful look on Thud's face is heartbreaking.
    Thud Butt: My happy thought will help you.
    Peter: What's your happy thought, Thud?
    Thud: Mine's my mother.
  • Peter leaving the Lost Boys for home for the last time. One can't help but feel especially moved knowing that this is truly a final farewell, with Peter promising this time that he would never forget them. Also, as he flies away, this line:
    Peter: Thank you for believing.
  • Several exchanges between Peter and other characters are especially poignant and tear-inducing after Robin Williams' death. To wit:
    Peter: To die would be a great adventure
    Hook: Death is the only adventure you have left.
    At the end of the film
    Wendy: So... your adventures are over.
    Peter: No. To live... to live would be an awfully big adventure.
    • Dante Basco's (Rufio) posted a video in response to Robin's death, thanking him for his guidance and inspiration then closes the video with "Rest in peace Robin....See you in Neverland".
  • In the flashback, Tink seeing Peter about to kiss Moira. Not only does she lose him to another woman, but it's the last time they'll see each other for years.