Trivia: Hook

  • Actor Allusion: Tootles shouts "Seize the day!" in the final scene, a reference to Dead Poets Society and Robin Williams' character.
  • All-Star Cast: Most of the adult performers.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Only Robin Williams and Steven Spielberg knew who Peter would give his sword to at the end, so the reactions of the Lost Boys are genuine.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Gwyneth Paltrow as young Wendy.
  • Old Shame: Hook came out during a period where Spielberg was desperately trying to invoke Tom Hanks Syndrome, and prove he could be a serious director. Hook ended up being the most critically derided movie on his resume, so Spielberg doesn't reflect on it too well.
  • Shout-Out: Robin Williams being a huge The Legend of Zelda fan, he couldn't help sneak in a few references (as Peter Pan, like Link, is clad in green and has a fairy companion)—Peter's first sign of competence is to slice a coconut in half using Link's signature spincut maneuver.
  • Troubled Production: Shooting went 40 days over schedule, the budget went over by by 50%, and Julia Roberts was going through depression at the time, making it difficult to work with her.
  • What Could Have Been: Apparently, Tom Hanks and David Bowie were considered as choices for Peter and Hook respectively (the latter turned it down).
    • One of the original ideas for the film in The Eighties was a musical remake of the Disney animated version of the original play starring Michael Jackson. Supposedly, Jackson never forgave Spielberg for not casting him in this version.
    • Kevin Kline was originally cast as Peter, but Soapdish reshoots scuppered this.
    • Steven Spielberg was not the first choice to direct the film. Nick Castle had planned to direct and spent a year in pre-production writing the script and planning. Spielberg then became interested and Castle was paid to leave the director's chair. He still shares screen story credit, however.
    • This was intended to be a musical, but according to lyricist Leslie Bricusse, the filmmakers realized it would be both too long and too expensive, so most of the songs were cut ("We Don't Wanna Grow Up" and "When You're Alone" the exceptions). The happy instrumental theme that closes the film was originally the melody of a song called "Childhood", and a sheet music anthology of his work includes it, with the explanation that everyone loved it but couldn't think of a way to keep it in the film.
    • Jack was, according to rumours, originally meant to be a fat kid. An obese pre-teen who loved baseball and had grown fat after his father had grown distant from him and he'd turned to food; the original beginning was meant to show Jack struggling to get into trousers and the ending was supposed to show him skinny (well, skinnier!) enough to get into them and that Neverland had brought Jack and Peter together and allowed Jack's life to improve.