Heartwarming: Hook

  • Maggie making Peter a homemade parachute called a hug so he won't have to be scared when flying.
  • Along with Tear Jerker, when Peter remembers his past. How Tinker Bell brought him to Neverland; how he visited Wendy's house in the spring until she had grown too old. Finally, there is remembering why he chose to stay and grow up: he wanted to be a father.
  • Peter going through the Lost Boys' old hideout.
  • Peter passing his sword and the title of "The Pan" down to Thudbutt.
  • The pixie dust works with happy thoughts. Peter's happy thought that allowed him to fly again: Jack's birth.
  • Peter Banning: Tink!
    Tinkerbell: Say it, Peter. Say it and mean it.
    Peter Banning: I believe in fairies.
    Tinkerbell: You know that place between asleep and awake? That place where you still remember dreaming? ... That's where I'll always love you... Peter Pan. That's where I'll be waiting.
  • Pockets, the little Lost Boy recognizing the now-adult Peter Pan by smoothing out his wrinkles. Which led to a few other Lost Boys to be on his side. Taken on its own, the scene triggers an "Aww, how cute" reaction. With Maestro John Williams adding his magic, however...DAMN.
    Oh, there you are, Peter!
    • Moreover, the Lost Boys first recognize Peter by making him smile.
  • The mermaids believe he's Peter Pan and kiss him.
    • Very possible and if true they don't even blink at Peter's change. If not so it's very sweet of them to give breath to a complete stranger.
  • Before the film even gets to Neverland, there's the dedication of the hospital wing. Peter stammers over expressing gratitude to Wendy for her kindness and love. When he suggests the children she's helped could express it better, they all begin rising to blow her kisses and bow in respect. After a few seconds, the entire crowd is giving Wendy a standing ovation.
  • The moment where Hook's plan to turn Peter's children against him crumbles to dust, and years of anger are forgiven, with one simple line:
    Jack: Dad? I want to go home.
  • Peter still remembering Rufio even though Neverland is supposed to make you forget the dead.
    Peter: You killed Rufio, you kidnapped my children, you deserve to die.
  • Young Wendy's joy upon seeing Peter return the first time.
    Wendy: Peter!
  • It's taken eighty two years, but Wendy finally gets an answer to "Boy, why are you crying?". The answer? "A tear for every happy thought." This means that, without his shadow all those years ago, Peter was trying to make himself fly by crying to all the happy thoughts in his life!
  • Another concerning Wendy. She instantly knows to ask the above question when Peter replies to her second "Hello, Boy" with "Hello, Wendy Lady."
  • Tootles, finally, receiving his happy thoughts from the marbles. Everything about this scene. Everything. All of it.