Shout Out / The Descended

Because Brian has well over 40 inspirations for the world of Soano, he has incorporated a great amount from those sources into the webcomic, and it really shows.




  • By the Power of Grayskull! is a way to turn an energy warrior into a further badass by giving them a massive upgrade. Its summed the same way as the source material as well.
  • Fire Warriors have Wheel of Death as an ability.
  • Earth Warriors have a Limit Break of Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies.
  • Light Warriors and Darkness Warriors have obvious similarities to Jedi and Sith.
  • Light Warriors have an ability called No-Sell. The third branch of that skill is called You Shall Not Pass. It does much as expected.
    • They also have several Dungeons & Dragons shoutouts, such as Lay-on-hands.
    • Iron Will is another one, and the third branch of that skill spells it out most explicitly, as it's called Determined.
  • Darkness Warriors are full of them.
    • To start, Rage Quit is a Darkness Warrior Limit Break.
    • The Darkness Element is made up of seven emotions, sharing the same colors as the source material, albeit with two of them merged into one color and concept. The profiles more or less fit with each corp as well.
    • As the Darkness tree for Warriors works on emotions, it's only natural that they have names reflecting them. As such, there is a darkness warrior skill called Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
      • While not featured in the name itself, the description of the above skill has "For Frodo" in it.
    • The skill "Die to feel Alive" is a Shout-Out to a Muse song, Starlight.
    • Darkness Warriors actually have a skill called Power of Friendship.
    • They also have a skill called "Anew Hope", a Shout-Out to Star Wars.
  • The Wind Warriors have an ability called Tornado Fist.
    • The second branch of that skill tree is called "Falcon Punch".
    • Also featured is a skill called Mujuro's Bane, referencing the simultaneous block-and-strike Mujuro thought had happened.
    • Another Wind Warrior ability is called Flash Step.
    • As the Wind Warrior element deals with advantageous situations, it's not too surprising that it has skills named both "Attack of Opportunity" and "Sneak Attack".
    • The Wind Warrior's Limit Break? Wind Scar. It even has a higher version called "Backlash Wave"!