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Quotes: The Descended
"The Descended is set in the fictional world of Soano, a world inspired by many things. Specifically, it follows three groups of adventurers on their various quests."
Webcomic profile.

"The Elementals are a group of heroes formed by Sanik Archer Ronado with the intention of controlling all eight elements in an adventuring party. From there, they grew steadily and had endless adventures together, until they grew into something far more dangerous: true heroes and symbols of the peace in their land, due to their many deeds to protect their homeland of Helopia.

After The Battle of Helops, however, the group was altered at a fundamental level—their dynamics would never be the same, and this was where they were seen to have “fallen”.

While they still have the same core focus on adventure, their focus has shifted more towards the things they value the most: saving others, growing strong enough to defeat the Agent Of Chaos that they fought that day, and learning the truth about his master.

The group is now a mere shadow of what they once were, an obscure group no longer in the nation they were raised in, with a fraction of the skills they once possessed. Sanik had a falling out with Kinas, his brother, who split the group off and formed his own adventuring party, The Latens.

To this day, the two formerly-united groups remain in a friendly rivalry with another, each trying to out-compete their counterparts. Despite their bad pasts, they still have an overall optimistic view of the future, and are more than happy to work with their former companions when the need arises.

They are secondary protagonists of The Descended, who have their own part to play in this tale of the fallen, this webcomic of The Descended…"
—Summary of The Elementals.

The Latens are a group of adventurers formed by Kinas Zachary Ronado splitting off from The Elementals to form his own fully independent party after The Battle of Helops left them shattered. The traumatic experience left them with far worse of a fall with many changing their alignments to darker reflections of what they once were.

They are still “good guys” of the story, but only because they are fighting people worse than themselves, lacking many of the traits typical heroes would possess.

Sharing much of the experiences of The Elementals but always somewhat separated from them, it was only recently that their full potential began to come out. As a whole, however, they are still trying to find themselves—they still find a thrill in adventuring and share the same overall goal of The Elementals, but much of their positive traits have been lost to selfishness: including their motivation for doing so.

Despite their best attempts to distance themselves from the shadows they once were, however, they can’t shake the past of who they once were away, unable to let those parts of them fade into obscurity. Their bad pasts give them an overall grim outlook on their prospects, but despite that, they continue to trudge on. To this day, the two formerly-united groups remain in a friendly rivalry with another, each trying to out-compete their counterparts—despite their dislike of working with The Elementals, the simple fact remains that they still work together as a team.

The Latens may only be the tertiary protagonists of The Descended, but they still have their own equally important part to play in this tale of the fallen, this webcomic of The Descended
—Summary of The Latens.

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