Series: Vampire Prosecutor

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Vampire Prosecutor (Hangul: 뱀파이어 검사, romanized: Vampire Geumsa) is a Korean Drama which aired on cable network OCN, starring Yun Jung Hoon as the titular character. Season 1 aired in late 2011, season 2 in 2012.

Prosecutor Min Tae Yeon is a reluctant vampire. As he uses his abilities in his day job, his main goal is to solve a 7-year-old murder in which the victim was close to him and the culprit was undoubtedly another vampire.

Tae Yeon is asked to set up a special "detective-prosecutor" taskforce to investigate unusual homicides in the Seoul area. To this end, he is given several team members:

The team is under the mantle of a chief prosecutor, who sometimes clashes with Tae Yeon. Together, they try to make Seoul safer for the living and the undead.

This series provides examples of:

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     Season 1 

     Season 2 
  • Adult Fear: Ji Ae gets kidnapped
  • Almost Kiss: Multiple times between Jung In and Tae Yeon
  • Answer Cut
    Dr. Jo: What do you hope to find by cutting her open?
    (Cut to ...)
    Jung In: Diamonds?
  • Beautiful All Along: After Jung In gets a makeover, Soon Bum wonders if "a pumpkin can be made into a watermelon just by drawing lines." Tae Yeon's reply? "Jung In's not a pumpkin, she's a watermelon who's lines have been hidden."
  • Buried Alive: Runa
  • Busman's Holiday: In episode 8, the team takes a break and goes on a trip together...and runs into a murder.
  • Cold-Blooded Torture: All over episode 1
  • Crossover: Episode 8 is a crossover with tvN's "reality-documentary” show Rude Miss Young-ae.
  • Dualvertisement: The pre-season ads show God's Quiz's main character, who's a medical examiner, handing over a case of "bad blood" to Tae Yeon. (Vampire Prosecutor was taking over the time slot from God's Quiz.)
  • Expy: No, Park Hoon is not Angel. And Law Firm H is not Wolfram and Hart. Just ... similar.
  • Failure Knight: Dr. Jo feels responsible to little Ji Ae because of the death of her family members.
  • First Name Basis: Soon Bum insists on dropping the honorifics and calling Dr Jo "Jung Hyun hyung."
  • Introdump: Chief Prosecutor Joo, the new boss, goes over everyone's files in order to subtly introduce or re-introduce them to the audience.
  • Ironic Echo: "All the evidence points to you."
  • Jack Bauer Interrogation Technique: On the season's Big Bad villain
  • Meet the New Boss: Chief Prosecutor Joo
  • Not My Driver: In episode 5, it's Soon Bum instead!
  • Parody Episode: Episode 8, "Rude Tae Yeon," is a parody of Rude Miss Young Ae.
  • Recursive Fiction/Show Within a Show: The movie, Vampire Prosecutor, is based on the life of Chief Prosecutor Jang—if he was a vampire.
  • Running Gag: Dong Man really wants to be hyung-dongsaeng with Soon Bum.
  • Sadistic Choice: The Big Bad's M.O.
  • Saying Too Much: In episode 8, when Young Ae says that she has to do SOMETHING or she feels like she'll go crazy, Dong Man agrees with a, "like you have to write on his forehead when he's asleep ... or something." Flashback Cut to Soon Bum, waking up with the words "BIG HEAD" written on his forehead.
    Soon Bum: That was you?
  • Shipper on Deck: Soon Bum gleefully ships Tae Yeon/Jung In.
    Soon Bum: (to Jung In) You're supposed to grab your head a little and collapse toward Tae Yeon. He'd catch you in his arms, you'd look into each other's eyes ... and fireworks would go off.
  • Serial Killer: Dr. Bae Ji Yeon
  • Spear Counterpart: Medical examiner Soo Hee has been replaced by Dr. Jo Jung Hyun.
  • Sudden Downer Ending: episode 4. But ... but we caught the actual murderer. A full 24 hours before the statute of limitations ended.
  • Tactful Translation: Dong Man's translations for the Japanese psychic, Runa, is a hoot!
    Jung In: (in Korean) Is catching murderers a joke? Are we using psychics now! (to Dong Man) Translate. Translate!
    Dong Man: (in Japanese) 'Welcome to Korea.'
    Runa: (in Japanese) Arigatō.
    Dong Man: (in Korean) She said 'thank you.'
    Jung In: (in Korean) I know what 'arigatō' means too. For what? Did you translate correctly?
    Dong Man: (in Korean) What? Of c-course.

    Jung In: (in Korean) We don't need you. I know you want to help, but this is dangerous work and you are better off returning home to Japan. (to Dong Man) Hurry up, translate.
    Dong Man: (in Japanese) 'Please stay in Korea a long, long time! Let's be good friends.'
    Runa: (in Japanese) Didn't she say much more than you translated?
    Dong Man: (laughs nervously and says in Japanese) Korean is longer than Japanese.
    Runa: (in Japanese, to Jung In) Arigatō.
    Jung In: (to Dong Man, in Korean) Hey!
  • Tagalong Kid: Ji Ae
  • Tempting Fate: In episode 8, Jung-in cheerfully tells Tae-yeon there's no way they'll run into a murder while on a trip—and immediately hears a scream.
  • Time Bomb: Multiples times. For Runa. Then Ji Ae. And finally for Jung In. With an actual time bomb.
  • Tomato Surprise: "Why are all of you prosecutors?"
  • Torture Cellar
  • When It All Began: Park Hoon's scenes in the "cold open" are shown to have taken place much earlier than the current timeline. But seeing as how Park Hoon never ages, getting appropriate dates can be a bit of a hassle.
  • You Never Did That for Me: Dong Man gets jealous over the "brotherly" relationship between Soon Bum and Dr. Jo. "You'll drop honorifics with him, but not with me?"