Running Gag: Animated Films

  • In the Aardman Animation/DreamWorks film Flushed Away, several slugs regularly appear in the movie to whistle and sing a song of some kind, usually pertaining to events that have just transpired. Originally they were to only appear in one scene, but DreamWorks execs insisted that they be slotted in at every opportunity simply to keep the laughs going if there hadn't been any big jokes in a while.
  • And in Disney/Pixar's Up, we have Dug and the other dogs being easily dist—SQUIRREL!! It—SQUIRREL! is very effective.
  • Kung Fu Panda: The ridiculously-long flight of steps leading up to the Jade Palace. Interestingly, it helps show how far Po's gone from "kung fu fan boy" to "kung fu master". The first time he goes up the stairs (to see the Furious Five compete to be chosen as the Dragon Warrior), he's on his back just halfway up the first flight of steps. The second time, when he goes to confront Tai Lung, Po makes it all the way to the top, only needing to catch his breath for a bit. The last time, when he returns to the Jade Palace to check on Shifu, he's barely winded at all.
  • Aladdin
    • Aladdin: The Return of Jafar has "You'd be surprised what you can live through" pop up many times.
    • Also, "_____ is such a strong word."
    • Throughout the movies and TV show, the magic carpet constantly beats Genie at various games.
  • How to Train Your Dragon has many.
    • Gobber's advice can never come out right.
    • Ruffnut and Tuffnut argue, and get in trouble with a dragon.
    • Tuffnut getting hurt and then screaming 'Oh I'm hurt! I am very much hurt!' as he runs away.
    • 'Thank you for summing that up.'
    • 'You just gestured to all of me!'
    • 'Night fury! Get down!'
  • Hoodwinked: A certain blue sports car is crashed three times as a result of something a main character does. The first time, is when Red Puckett throws her magazine in exasperation while in the treehouse, which falls and hits the car's windshield, causing the driver to go right into a tree (fortunately, we cut back to Red and only hear the sound of the crash, a tree shaking in the distance, and Red shooting a tense look to the camera). The second time: during Kirk's tree cutting spree, the car's roof is crushed by a giant falling pine tree. The third time: after the villains are captured, Kirk runs his converted truck against a tree, which uproots and crushes the poor porcupine's ride again.
  • Tangled: Flynn's nose is never drawn right, much to his chagrin.
  • Wreck-It Ralph: I'm Fix-It Felix, Jr., from the game, Fix-It Felix Jr.. He even signs his portrait at Tapper like that!
  • The LEGO Movie has a fair few:
    • People constantly making fun of Emmet's one original idea, the double-decker couch.
    • Bad Cop tossing chairs around whenever he loses his temper.
      • It's actually the same chair every time, he carries it in his car so he can kick it again if the good guys escape again.
    • Every time someone says something like "meet me in ten seconds", the movie cuts to a title card reading "TEN SECONDS LATER".
  • Rise of the Guardians features a very amusing one. One of Nicholas St. North's (Santa Claus) Yeti simply can't get the paint job of whatever he tries right, and after he's corrected, he grumbles in exasperation, showing that he'd already painted most of whatever it was in the "wrong" color.
  • Frozen has a few of these:
  • Big Hero 6 has Baymax fistbumping and saying "Bata-lata-la".
  • Penguins of Madagascar:
  • Finding Nemo has Dory mispronouncing Nemo's name, calling him Fabio, Elmo, Chico, Harpo and Bingo.
  • Strange Magic: No matter how dire the situation, if the scene contains Dawn and the Bog King, she will call him Boggy and he will angrily correct her.
  • Inside Out: "TripleDent gum will make you smile..."