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  • In Independence Day, a television customer service representative talking to a customer who's angry about service disruptions tries to calm them by saying that he likes The X-Files too.

  • In Odd Thomas, Odd's girlfriend Stormy calls him Mulder when she thinks he's being overprotective. He only calls her Scully if he's willing to get smacked for it.
  • In Girlfriend In A Coma, Richard and his friends wind up working on an unnamed television show that's obviously that world's version of The X-Files.

    Live Action TV 
  • Castle did a whole episode to homage The X-Files. Castle whistles the theme song, Becket is called Scully, they become entangled in a government project, and the villain is called the cigarette-smoking man.
  • Bones: When Bones and Booth investigate a weird case, the theme songs starts playing... Too-doo-dooo-DOOO-dooo... Turns out it's the victims mobile phone.
  • Home Improvement: Jill and Tim played Mulder and Scully once.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer: To scully somebody means to try to rationalize something when a paranormal explanation is more plausible.
  • Supernatural had an episode where the Monster of the Week originally appeared to be aliens, for which they changed the title sequence to resemble that of The X-Files.
  • Breaking Bad has an episode titled Cancer Man. Vince Gilligan, creator for the series, was a frequent writer on The X Files, which has a character called The Smoking Man. Cigarettes give cancer.
  • Crusade had an entire episode, "Visitors From Down the Street", devoted to parodying The X-Files, via the introduction of a conspiracy theory-themed Planet of Hats.

  • The band Eve 6 took their name from the episode "Eve".

    Western Animation