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Awesome Music: The X-Files
  • Mark Snow. The theme. Because whistling is always scary.
  • The re-mix of the theme done for the 2008 movie was awesome.
  • The music that was playing during ghostly children scenes in "Closure" by Moby - it was "My Weakness," off his album PLAY. At the time of filming, PLAY was on its way to becoming a hit, mainly because Moby gave lots of shows carte blanche in using the tracks for anything (trailers for episodes of PARTY OF FIVE, incidental music for BUFFY, car ads, etc.).
  • The first X-Files episode to use Moby's work was the Gillian Anderson-directed "all things," which used "The Sky Is Breaking".
  • Nick Cave's "Red Right Hand" for the Mulder/Barry chase up the ski lift in "Ascension".
  • Soul Coughing's "Unmarked Helicopters", which shows up in "Max".
  • There were also two excellent CD's, "Songs in the Key of X" and the soundtrack of the film.
  • Mark Snow's score for "Post-Modern Prometheus" is truly magnificent.
  • Cher as a favourite singer of the Monster of the Week in "Post-Modern Prometheus" was not a bad choice at all. It feels like going to a fair or disco in The Eighties or The Nineties. What's not to love?
  • "Paper Hearts" has great music, somewhat light at times and with dark passages. Indeed very touching.

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