Referenced By / A Nightmare on Elm Street

Bringing nightmares to the popular culture since the eighties, Elm Street has been refenced in many places; usually with "A Nightmare on X" titles, clothing with green and red stripes or Captain Ersatz-versions of the series main villain, Freddy Krueger.

Anime and Manga

  • One of the three horror-character lookalikes in that Sledge Hammer confronts in the first issue of Marvel's Sledge Hammer! comic is a talon-fingered Crazy Teddy, whose "nightmares are insane".
  • Doctor Strange faces off with Freddy-lookalike named Eddy in a Marvel Comics Presents story "A Nightmare on Bleecker Street".
  • One issue of RoboCop: The Future of Law Enforcement features a string of crimes perpetrated by people who have been hypnotized to believe they are fictional characters. One of these people is a man dressed as Freddy Krueger, who tried to hijack a security truck.


  • In Cal Leandros book Blackout, one of the horror Shout-Out aliases that Cal uses is "Calvin F. Krueger".

Live-Action Television

Video Game
  • AdventureQuest Worlds has a story titled "Nightmare on Twig's Street: The Dweam Swayers", with an antagonist named Twiggy Krueger.
  • The fifth boss in Crime Fighters has gloves similar to Freddy's.
  • In DragonFable, during the "Valtrith Tomb" quest, there is a monster called "Ghost of Frederick" who looks almost exactly like Freddy Krueger.
  • One of the enemies in the Graveyard stages of Gex featurs an enemy who doesn't just have Hockey Mask and Chainsaw, but who also wears a green and red striped t-shirt.

Web Comics
  • This Square Root of Minus Garfield strip shows Garfield having a nightmare about being eaten alive by an armchair. He wakes up, only to find Jon dressed as Freddy Krueger.

Web Original

Western Animation