Recap / The Simpsons S 6 E 23 The Springfield Connection
After knocking out Snake when he goes to attack her in an alley, Marge gets a much-needed surge of adrenaline in her hum-drum life and decides to join the Springfield Police Force.

This episode contains examples of:

  • Action Mom: Marge becomes a strong, competent police officer while still keeping up with her housework.
  • Bait and Switch: When Marge goes to the police station early in the episode, Wiggum and the other cops are hauling what you think is a criminal into the station. Turns out they were just bringing in a pizza.
    Wiggum: You think you're pretty hot, huh? Well we got everything we need on you.
    • Immediately after Wiggum tells Marge, "Welcome aboard", we see an establishing shot of the Simpson house and Homer shouting, "You WHAT?!" Cut to inside the house, where he's talking to Bart instead of Marge:
    Bart: I just borrowed your nail clipper. What's the big deal?
    Homer: Nothing. I'm just edgy since your mother told me she wants to be a cop.
    • During basic training on an obstacle course, Marge struggles to get over a wall.
    Wiggum: Women always have trouble with the wall. They never seem to find the door. (a bunch of men are casually walking through a nearby door)
    • With a bit of Take That!: Homer laments that when he thought Marge going to the police academy, it would be fun and exciting like that movie: Spaceballs. Instead it had been painful and disturbing like Police Academy.
  • Black Comedy: Homer uses Marge's police tape on Ned's house. Predictably, Ned comes home and thinks something horrible has happened.
    Homer: (laughing) Fooled you, Flanders! Made you think your family was dead! Did you get it? (Ned uneasily chuckles) They're not, though. But you thought they were.
    Ned: Yeah.
    Homer: That's why it was so funny. But they're not.
    Ned: That's a good one.
  • Buffy Speak: Moe thinks "garage" sounds too fancy; he just calls them "car holes". Homer later uses the term himself.
  • Call Back: Early in the episode, Marge goes to the police station to apply for a job as an officer, causing all the male officers to laugh hysterically. At the end of the episode, when Marge quits being an officer, the same male officers laugh hysterically again.
  • Dirty Cop: The police at the end ignore the pants counterfeiting ring because they get to keep the pants. This causes Marge to quit.
  • First Day from Hell: Despite being Marge's first day as a cop, she's assigned to Junkyville and Bumtown.
  • Foot Popping: When Homer kisses Marge, his foot lifts, an ironic action for someone who was concerned that with Marge becoming a cop, he wouldn't be the man of the house anymore.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: When Marge slaps handcuffs on Homer, he says, "Marge, not HERE..."
  • Heel Realization: Homer after Marge saves his life from Hermann.
  • I'll Pretend I Didn't Hear That: Marge offers to turn a blind eye to Homer buying beer for teenagers as long as he moves his car away from where he's parked it across three handicapped spaces. He doesn't, instead opting to take her hat and do a mocking impersonation of her, so she arrests him anyway.
  • Indy Hat Roll: Marge gets an impulse to do this under her garage door.
  • Irony: Hermann is foiled by his own shoddy merchandise when he tries to zipline away from Marge using his counterfeit jeans, only for them to rip and send him falling to the ground.
  • Literal-Minded: Homer, during the climax:
    Homer: A counterfeit-jeans ring operating out of my car hole! I'm gonna tell everyone! Wait here.
    Hermann: Not so fast.
    (Homer slows down)
    Homer: All right...
    Hermann: Maybe you should just stop entirely.
  • Miranda Rights:
    Marge: You have the right to remain silent!
    Homer: I choose to waive that right. (starts screaming)
  • Off Model: In two different scenes Chief Wiggum's hair is black, not unlike his earliest appearances on the show.
  • Screw the Rules, I Have Connections!: Defied. Homer, thinking that he's above the law now that Marge is a cop, tries to park in three handicapped places, buy beer for the three bullies (even though Kearney is said to be of the legal age to drink in America), and steal Marge's hat. He gets thrown in jail. He becomes angry with Marge afterwards, but later apologizes.
  • Serial Numbers Filed Off: Invoked; Marge shows Lisa a hand puppet called "McGriff the Crime Dog":
    Marge: "Hello, Lisa, help me bite crime. Woof woof."
  • Shooting Gallery: Part of Marge's police training. She successfully shoots all the criminal targets, only to be reprimanded by Chief Wiggum:
    Wiggum: Tsk tsk tsk. You missed the baby, you missed the blind man...
    • In the climax, Marge is in the backyard trying to save Homer from Hermann, and various targets pop up, much to her annoyance:
    Milhouse: Is Bart home?
    (Marge pulls her gun up; Abe appears)
    Abe: Just takin' Maggie for a stroll!
    (Marge pulls her gun up; a witch appears from behind a fence, and Marge shoots it. Ned pops up from behind the fence)
    Ned: Well I guess I am putting up the Halloween decorations a little early. Criticism accepted.
  • Shout-Out: A musical cue is very similar to the theme to Hill Street Blues.
    • Homer draws a line down the bedroom, a la I Love Lucy Note . He says "D'oh" when he realizes he only left himself a tiny area on his side.
  • They Killed Kenny Again: Hans Moleman meets his end in this episode by being executed in a local jail after Homer eats his last meal. How he got on death row in the first place is left up in the air.
  • What Could Have Been: Marge was originally designed to retain her Beehive Hairdo while in her police uniform. It got changed into a ponytail when it caused staging problems in certain scenes. Besides, if they'd kept the design, David Mirkin (who was the show runner at the time) would have asked them to change it anyway since it would go against the intent to portray Marge as a serious cop.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Lisa:
    Lisa: Mom, I know your intentions are well and good, but aren't police a force that maintains the status quo for the wealthy elite? Don't you think we should attack the roots of social problems instead of jamming people into overcrowded prisons?