Recap / The Simpsons S 15 E 11 Margical History Tour

The Springfield Library is dilapidated, filled with bums, and hardly contains any books. Bart, Lisa and Milhouse expect to find material to work on their History class, and Marge fills in with three historical pieces from her own memory.

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    Henry VIII 
  • Adipose Rex: Henry VIII
    Homer/Henry VIII: I'm Henry the Eight I am
    Henry the Eighth I am, I am
    I've been eating since 6 AM
    For dessert I'll have dinner again
    My name's synonymous with gluttony
    I'll always eat a turkey or a ham.
  • Artistic License – History: The segment, among other inaccuracies (which is normal for these stories), completely ignores the fact that Henry VIII did father a few sons (although the only legitimate one who'd actually lived long enough to see his first birthday was from his third wife). Also only two of his wives were beheaded, and only married 6 times, certainly not enough times to run out of pikes. Likewise, Elizabeth was not the daughter of Catherine of Aragon, but of Anne Boleyn.
  • Big Eater: Henry VIII. Up to Eleven since during his song he claims to have been eating since dawn and for dessert will have another dinner.
    Homer/Henry VIII: I eat, and eat, and eat, and I never get any thinner.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Henry VIII eats a lot and don't understand why he can't lose weight. He actually thinks he should lose weight as a consequence of eating lots of food.
  • Exact Words: "Canonized".
  • Flanderization: While Henry VIII is normally characterized as fat and beheading prone. Here is displayed as a totally gluttonous pig who never stops eating, and will not hesitate to have someone killed for even slightly annoying or not immediately giving him what he wants.
  • Heir Club for Men: Henry VIII wants a son.
  • Insane Troll Logic: King Henry expects his constant eating to make him lose weight.
  • My Card: "Anne Boleyn - 'A son will come out - tomorrow!'"
  • Start My Own: This is how the Anglican Church was born.
  • No, Except Yes:
    Marge: It's not your fault. It's just that you came out the wrong sex and ruined everything.
  • I Will Show You X: Subverted.
    Messenger: Well, we’re running out of pikes to stick’ your wives’ heads on.
    King Henry: I'll show you we're running out of pikes!
    Henry checks the pike storage.
    King Henry: Hey, you were right!
    Messenger's Head: That means a lot.
  • Therapy Backfire: Margerine takes Henry to marriage counseling in the hopes of stopping the king from marrying someone else. However the therapist (Hibbert) is all for Henry kicking his wife the the curb. Having four men push axes against his neck threatening to kill him the second he tried to talk about saving the marriage might have something to do with it.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Henry the Eighth threatens little Princess Elizabeth with canonization when she starts to suggest that a Princess could inherit.

    Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea 

    Mozart and Salieri 
  • Always Someone Better
  • Driven to Madness: After the Emperor decrees that all other music besides Beethoven's is obsolete, Salieri snaps and climbs into an asylum wagon while laughing insanely.
  • The Rock Star: Parodied with Mozart.
  • Stage Mom: Mozart’s Dad.
  • The Unfavourite: Their father ignores Salieri completely untalented and focus all his attention on Mozart. Their mother is not as bad and knows her daughter is a skilled composer, but as a lady of the times trusts her son more to keep them in luxury.
  • Parental Favouritism: Played with. Mozarts father gives all his attention to his son. However he only cares about the money his son brings. He was more concerned about losing the income his son provided while the boy was on his deathbed, and immediately starts hauking merchandise commemorating his death minutes after Mozart has passed on much to the disgust of the people.
  • She's a Man in Japan: Salieri is Gender Flipped into Mozart's sister.
  • Whole Plot Reference: To Amadeus, lampshaded by Lisa.