Recap: The Simpsons S 10 E 1 Lard Of The Dance

On the first day back to school from summer break, Lisa meets a girl her age who acts twice her age and wants Lisa and her friends to do the same. Meanwhile, Homer recruits Bart to help him make money off recycling grease.

This episode contains examples of (YMMV tropes can be found here)

  • Actor Allusion: A twofer. When Lisa introduces herself to Alex, Alex says "You name's Lisa? Shut up, I love that name!". Alex is voiced by Lisa Kudrow. And in another scene, Alex "Don't be such a Phoebe.". Lisa Kudrow played Phoebe Buffay on Friends. Another possible one is when Alex meets Sherri and Terri - she asks which is the Evil Twin. Kudrow also played Phoebe's much nastier twin sister Ursula.
  • Air Vent Escape: Homer and Bart to get in and out of the school's kitchen.
  • An Aesop: Enjoy being young.
  • Comically Missing The Point: Since Marge is the one who buys the food he takes the grease from, Homer doesn't consider the money spent to get it despite being pointed out he is the one who provides her with the money.
  • Continuity Nod: Alison from "Lisa's Rival" is among the girls Alex and Lisa hang with.
  • Crash Into Hello: Millhouse takes off his glasses when he sees Lisa but ends up crashing into a shop display.
  • Eye Scream: Homer has an unfortunate incident with a vacuum.
  • I Am One Of Those Too: Homer inadvertently keeps digging himself deeper because Willie is every one of the things he claims he is.
    Homer: Uh, buh, buh, we're new foreign exchange students from ... uh, um ... Scotland!
    Willie: Saints be praised, I'm from Scotland! Where do ya hail from?
    Homer: Uh ... North ... Kilttown.
    Willie: No foolin'! I'm from North Kilttown! Do you know Angus McLeod?
    Homer: Wait a minute! There's no Angus McLeod in North Kilttown! Why, you're not from Scotland at all!
  • Little Black Dress: Lisa dons one to get a date for the dance.
  • Not So Above It All: Turns out Alex isn't totally above having a greaseball fight for fun.
  • Social Services Does Not Exist: Homer forces Bart to skip school to help him with his grease recycling business and nobody does anything about it.
  • Shout Out: Groundskeeper Willie knows an Angus McLeod in Scotland.
  • Technology Marches On: Much like in Clueless and the season five episode "Bart Gets Famous," Alex having a cell phone was supposed to serve as an indicator of how mature and grown-up she is, or at least is attempting to act. Today, with cell phones being far more common (to the point that kids her age would actually have one, whether or not it was at their parents' insistence), viewers these days would more likely complain about how bulky and primitive 1990s cell phones looked rather than the fact that a ten-year-old has a cell phone (though some people will complain about the ten-year-old having a cell phone as a sign that kids are growing up too fast and are being treated as mini-adults rather than actual children).
  • What Happened To The Mouse: The men from the Acne Grease Corporation get set up as a pair of villains when they steal the grease Homer takes from Krusty Burger. But they're never seen again after that.
  • Wise Beyond Their Years: Alex, or so she thinks.