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Recap: The Simpsons S 9 E 25 Natural Born Kissers
Homer and Marge spice up their love life by risking very indecent exposure in public places. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa play around with a metal detector and finds a film reel containing the lost ending to the 1942 classic Casablanca.


  • Bait and Switch: When Sideshow Mel sees Homer at the football game.
    Sideshow Mel: Look at that blimp! He's hanging from a balloon!
  • Balloonacy
  • British Stuffiness: The maid who gets startled at Homer's shirtlessness has a decidedly British accent.
  • Comically Missing the Point: Bart believing his parents would be disappointed once they realized they forgot the kids.
  • Everybody Dies: According to the Crazy Old Jewish Man, the lost ending to It's a Wonderful Life was originally going to end with a killing spree.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: "If there's anyone in there, you're in for a serious ass-forkin'!" According to the DVD commentary, Matt Groening really hated that line, despite the other writers finding it funny
    • A lot of the nudity counts too, as it really tested how far FOX would allow animated nudity on the channel. See Hotter and Sexier below.
  • Hotter and Sexier: For better or worse, this episode pushed the boundaries of sexual content and animated nudity for primetime TV. Because of this, the UK and Australia have given this episode higher ratings than usual (in the UK, this got a 12 rating [though it's a PG on the DVD] and this episode became the first episode in Australia to have an M rating [the "M" rating is the highest free-TV content rating your show can have, like America's TV-14 rating]). In America, this episode was rated TV-PG for sexually suggestive dialogue (D), sexual contentnote  (S), foul language (L), and violence (V).
  • Lame Pun Reaction: Homer and Marge's attitude to the restaurant the kids take them to for their anniversary - Up Up and Buffet! (a plane restaurant)
  • Naked People Are Funny.
  • No Export for You: Was briefly banned in the UK by Sky when they first premiered season 9. They ended up holding it over and airing it as part of season 10.
  • Retirony: Chief Wiggum's police dog had only one day until retirement when it was scared off smelling Homer's underwear.
  • Roll in the Hay: Homer and Marge make love in a hay barrack on a farm.
  • Scenery Censor: Homer and Marge's naughty parts get covered up by a pair of lawn ornaments after they escape the golf course.
  • Slipknot Ponytail: Marge's hair coming down in the rain is clearly meant to evoke this.
  • Unusual Euphemism: "Rock the Casbah" for having sex.
    • And the song itself is played over the end credits.
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