Recap / Tales From The Crypt S 2 E 9 Four Sided Triangle

Farmers George and Luisa Yates have taken in a young woman named Mary Jo as a live-in farmhand. Luisa regularly beats Mary Jo, while George lusts after her. One morning, George tries to force himself on Mary Jo; the two fight, and George breaks a bottle over her head, knocking her out. He hastily covers her with straw and tries to delay Luisa, but by the time she pushes past him and into the barn, Mary Jo is gone. They find her lying in a cornfield, where she has had a hallucination of its scarecrow reaching down to caress her.

Mary Jo starts talking constantly about having a "man" and wanting him to make love to her, leading George and Luisa to realize that she has gone crazy. However, it also means that they can keep her as a farmhand forever. The "man" turns out to be the scarecrow, and Mary Jo slips out of the farmhouse to meet it at night. Luisa figures out George's attraction to Mary Jo and warns him not to break his wedding vows if he wants to stay intact from the waist down.

The next night, unable to control himself any longer, George sneaks out to the cornfield as Mary Jo leaves for her rendezvous. She is surprised to see the scarecrow actually move, and the two begin to make love. They are interrupted by the arrival of a pitchfork-carrying Luisa, who has had enough of Mary Jo's fantasies. She stabs the scarecrow through the chest to prove that it is not a real man - and is shocked to see blood dribbling from the punctures. It is George, who stood in for the scarecrow in order to take advantage of Mary Jo. As Luisa kneels over his body, Mary Jo grabs the pitchfork and impales her through the back, then cheerfully leaves the farm.