Recap / Star Trek Deep Space Nine S 01 E 17 The Forsaken

Four pain-in-the-ass federation diplomats have come aboard DS9. And unluckily for Bashir, Sisko has foisted three of them off on him.

The fourth? None other than Lwaxana Troi. While she plays at the Dabo table, she loudly exclaims her broach has been stolen. Though she doesn't sense any guilt in the room, Odo deduces and proves it's a random Dopterian. Distant cousins of the Ferengi, and thus immune to mind-reading. And much to Odo's chagrin, Lwaxana instantly takes a shine to him.

Meanwhile, O'Brien is fighting with the notoriously finicky Cardassian computer system. A problem not helped when a mysterious probe comes through the wormhole.

After nearly getting the Changeling equivalent of his bones jumped by Lwaxana, Odo actually asks for Sisko's help in getting her to leave him alone. Sisko merely laughs him off, and tells him to handle it.

The probe meanwhile is interfering with the stations computers systems, knocking random ones out at random intervals.

And just his luck, Odo happens to be in a lift with Lwaxana when the power cuts out. The transporters are down, he can't shape-shift out, and power restoration could take hours. In short, he's having a really bad day.

Lwaxana passes by the time by talking, even recounting her experiences from "Menage A Troi". Odo, being polite as possible, tries figuring how many volts are in the lift. Though after a while, he shares his stories with her. About being examined by scientists and being used as a party favor. And why he' so "Self-sufficient".

While the ops station tries figuring out how to expel the probes influence from their computers, Sisko asks Kira if she knows Odo's regeneration cycle schedule.

Turns out it's hour 15 of his 16 hour cycle. And he can barely hold himself together. He's more than ashamed of being in this state around someone. As he explains, it's very private. So Lwaxana shares a private secret with him. Her "hair". Well, her wig. She wears it because he regular hair is "Too normal." After sharing this little moment, Lwaxana makes a bucket out of her skirt so Odo can revert to his liquid state.

O'Brien meanwhile has figured out the problem. Comparing the mysterious program to a puppy, he realizes he's been trying to deprive it of what it wants. And after giving it just that, the program becomes benign and all systems are returned to normal. O'Brien decides to keep it, and is advised by Sisko to "Keep it off the furniture."

Lwaxana and Odo emerge from the lift, both back to their regular appearance, and part ways as friends.

And as for Bashir? He get's recommended for a commendation by the three diplomats when he saves them from an exploding corridor fire.