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Recap: Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 04 E 12 Hercules And The Captive Women
Film watched: Hercules and the Captive Women

The Mystery Science Theater 3000 presentation contains examples of:

  • Actually Pretty Funny: Gypsy gets in one moderately amusing riff during her brief time in the theater.
    Gypsy: Hey, get this - they're steam cleaning the horses!
  • Cannot Tell a Joke: Gypsy in the theater.
    Crow: C'mon Gypsy, let's have it!
    Gypsy: Uhh, okay. Um... (sees Leon Selznick's credit) Look at that dumb name. That's so stupid!
    Crow: Oh, brother...
  • I Have to Go Iron My Dog: Gypsy, after having her fill of Captive Women (About five minutes).
    • Supposedly based on how her actor, Jim Mallon, would usually be one of the first writers to leave during the first screening of a movie.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: Quite a few, and they start early.
    A map of Greece is displayed, a Bonanza joke is made
    Servo: If that map burns there will be a Greece fire!
    (Joel and Crow laugh)
    Crow: Good one!
  • It Is Pronounced Tro PAY: Joel, bless his heart, absolutely butchers the pronunciation of the famous 2001: A Space Odyssey song, "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" (as "Zatharatu").
  • Sarcasm Failure: Gypsy again.
    Servo: (pretending to read the hieroglyphs in the opening credits') One time, this big lobster came and attacked a lady, but Mister Ed saved her.
    Gypsy: Really?
    Joel: I think he's kidding, Gypsy.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: During the opening scene, Crow sees a man get up from his seat and approach a battering ram a group of men are carrying, and hopes it's not Hercules. The man proves he is Hercules by pushing down the battering ram effortlessly, driving Crow into despair.
  • Uranus Is Showing: Several of the riffs come from this, particularly the "blood of Uranus" line.

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