Recap: Kim Possible S 1 E 8 Mind Games

Kim is surprised when she receives a call for help from Dr. Drakken of all people, although it turns out to actually be a one Private Cleotis Dobbs, whose body Drakken has stolen for some sinister purpose. Before heading off to save him, Kim laments about the upcoming cheer regionals, which leads she and Ron to have a discussion about how easy the other's life is. Soon, they arrive in Drakken's new lair located near the Grand Canyon, and, though they manage to escape with Dobbs, end up having their minds switched in the process.

At school, both learn how hard the other actually has it; Kim finds that Ron is bullied and generally mistreated by the student body, while Ron learns that Kim's popularity results in her volunteering for many projects, which leaves her stressed. They also learn that Drakken stole Dobbs body to steal "the Neutronolizer" a powerful military weapon no one seems to know anything about. Eventually, the three track Drakken to his new lair (a time share with Professor Dementor) but are captured.

Drakken returns to his normal body and decides to use the Neutronolizer since the world did not meet his demands (due to him making his ultimatum with a puppet), but it blows the power, so he decides to destroy the base. Freed by Dobbs, Kim & Ron use the Kimmunicator's power core to power the brain switch machine and restore themselves to normal, as the base explodes, leaving the Neutronolizer okay (as it's "dang near indestructible"). Back at Middleton High, Ron is surprised to be given gifts by his former D-Hall bullies, with Kim explaining she gave them a little "sensitivity training" while still in his body.

This episode provides examples of: