Recap / Blackadder S 2 E 4 Money

It's four o'clock in the morning, and Edmund is in bed with an inexpensive prostitute, Mollie. But he is awoken by a priest at his door; more specifically the Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells. Apparently, it's one year to the day that Edmund borrowed a thousand pounds from the Black Monks, and he has 24 hours to pay up—or else. Edmund tries a variety of ways to make the money, including doing favours for sailors on the docks, selling his house, and borrowing from anyone he can. Meanwhile, Percy tries to help by inventing gold, but only winds up inventing green, and Queenie and Melchett keep taking whatever money they make. Edmund almost resigns himself to his death, when Baldrick mentions that most of England hates him. Taking heart from this, Edmund gets an idea for a cunning plan. He drugs the bishop and puts him in a...compromising position, and gets it all painted up by the best portrait painter in London.

  • All Devouring Black Hole Loan Sharks: The Black Bank.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Edmund's father blew the family fortune on wine, women and amateur theatrics.
  • Asshole Victim: The Bishop, viewed by the public at large as having no greater vice than a penchant for alcohol, is in fact a colossal and depraved pervert. This allows Blackadder to frame him as being in a very compromising position (involving Percy and a very suggestively shaped hat) which Blackadder uses as blackmail to restore his finances.
    • Arguably if Blackadder had 'defaulted' on his loan he would have been too, given how Baldrick mentions that he is so unpopular that people treading in dog mess say 'Whoops I've trodden in an Edmund'.
  • Blatant Lies: When the Bishop comes in his bedroom, Edmund tells him that Mollie is his mother, even though she looks younger than him.
  • Broke Episode: Edmund has no money for the entire episode and the Queen cons him out of anything he does get hold of.
  • Buffy Speak: Edmund, usually a master of similes, here says: "The grave opens up before me like a... big hole in the ground."
  • Continuity Nod: When the Bishop offers Edmund a job with the church, he replies that he could never get used to the requisite undergarments. Back in Season One, Prince!Edmund became Archbishop and claimed that he only did it because he couldn't resist Hessian undergarments.
  • Corrupt Church: The Black Bank and the Bishop.
  • Depraved Bisexual: The Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells.
  • Eats Babies: The Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells, unsurprisingly.
  • Expospeak Gag: Edmund on his privies- "The very latest in front wall, fresh air orifices, complete with a wide set gutter installation below."
    Mrs. Pants: ...You mean you crap out of the window?
  • Extreme Omnisexual: The Bishop will do anything to anything, animal, vegetable, or mineral.
  • Fanservice: Rowan Atkinson revealed in bed wearing nothing but his pants has made many a fangirl happy.
  • Feet-First Introduction: Before Mollie introduces herself, all the audience sees of her is her bare feet on Blackadder's pillow.
  • Friendship Moment: Subverted: Percy loyally offers his life savings to get Blackadder out of debt, only to have Blackadder casually reveal that he has long since stolen and spent the savings in question. And even BALDRICK was in on it.
  • Foreshadowing: Early in the episode, Blackadder threatens to blackmail the Bishop with the knowledge that he was sleeping with a prostitute, and the Bishop points out he doesn't have proof. This ends up being the solution to his debt situation.
  • Hello, Sailor!: Baldrick and Blackadder try and make money on the docks doing favours for sailors.
  • Hypocrite: Lord Melchett eagerly joins in the pranks on Blackadder, but is visibly seething after Queenie plays one on him.
  • I'm a Humanitarian: The Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells.
  • Impoverished Patrician: Edmund himself, in this episode.
  • It Will Never Catch On: Edmund says Baldrick would laugh at a Shakespeare comedy.
    • Toilets.
    Mrs. Pants: I can't stand those dirty indoor things.
    • Also Truth in Television, since what passed for indoor sanitation at the time genuinely wasn't much better.
  • Large Ham: The Bishop
  • Platonic Prostitution: Parodied, then subverted. Blackadder tries to pimp Baldrick out to sailors on the docks. They are approached by a very large, very gruff sailor, who, it turns out, wants them to kiss him goodnight and read him a bedtime story, like his mother used to do. Blackadder and Baldrick fulfill this innocent request, which he follows by asking...
    Now then, how much for a good, hard shag?
  • Reset Button: At the end, Blackadder makes sure to demand enough money to get his house back and then some.
  • Sinister Minister: The Bishop, again.
  • Shaped Like Itself: Edmund calls the green stuff that Percy invents 'green.'
    • Also, "the grave opens up before me like...a big hole in the ground."
    • And finally the sailor: "I really miss my mother. I mean, she was like a mother to me."
  • Technicolor Science: Percy's alchemical setup.
  • Villain Respect: The Bishop is quite impressed by the lengths Edmund went to in order to get leverage over him.
    Bishop: You fiend! Never before have I encountered such corrupt and foul-minded perversity! Have you ever considered a career in the Church?!