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Recap: Arrow S 1 E 3 Lone Gunmen
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On the island, Oliver wakes up with the arrow in his chest and Yao Fei says he shot Oliver to protect him and that it’s too dangerous to be alone because “they” will kill him. After a present day workout session, Oliver goes after James Holder, a man responsible for several deaths via defective smoke detectors; however, Deadshot watches from afar and shoots Holder. Thinking that Deadshot has no code of honor, Oliver places him at the top of his list.

Oliver brings Tommy and Diggle to the warehouse, telling them he wishes to open a nightclub there. Tommy suggests they check out the competition, and while at a club, they run into Laurel and Thea. For revenge against Oliver, the owner takes him and Tommy to a back room, letting his minions loose on them. Tommy knocks some men down, and Laurel comes in to finish it off. Later, Tommy convinces Laurel that their relationship is worth a chance because he’ll become someone worthy of her. Laurel mentions that Oliver knew about them before Thea spilled it at the club.

Oliver busts into Deadshot’s room, but Deadshot escapes, leaving behind his computer, which Oliver takes to I.T. woman Felicity Smoak. She tells him it actually belongs to Mr. Patel, a man in competition with Walter Steele for Unidac Industries. Realizing he can’t protect everyone on his own, Arrow warns Detective Lance about Deadshot’s impending attack. Deadshot fires on the Unidac auction and Oliver rushes away, grabbing conveniently hidden gear. Arrow and Deadshot have a weapons battle, ending with an arrow through Deadshot’s eye. Arrow takes a wounded Diggle to his base, saves him with a potion, and reveals his identity.

Tropes applying to this Episode:

  • Bad Liar: Ollie begins his Running Gag of ridiculously flimsy cover stories to Felicity.
    Oliver: I spilled coffee on my laptop.
    Felciity: It's got bullet holes.
    Oliver: My coffee shop's in a bad neighborhood.
  • The Bro Code:
    • Tommy apologizes profusely to Oliver for sleeping with Laurel. Dead or alive, Oliver was his friend and that is not done.
    • Tommy points out that the waitress at the diner is rather hot. Diggle points out that she's his sister in law. Tommy points out that he will never ever look at or say anything about her ever again ever not even a little bit ever.
  • Diving Save: Quentin saving Walter from Deadshot.
  • Dull Surprise: That Oliver didn't react to Thea's shocking announcement that Tommy and Laurel slept together is taken as evidence by Laurel that he already knew (having overheard them talking in the previous episode).
  • Knight in Sour Armor: Diggle tears apart Oliver's idea of gentrifying the Glades.
  • Laser Sight: On Deadshot's rifle.
  • The Mafiya: Oliver goes to the Russian mob for information about Deadshot. Turns out Ollie's a captain. Somehow.
  • Moe Greene Special: Deadshot with an arrow to the eyepiece, but he survives.
  • Mythology Gag:
    • Laurel's fighting in the episode clearly hints to her becoming Black Canary.
    • The land of Markovia is mentioned. It is the home of Brion and Tara Markov, better known as Geo-Force of The Outsiders and Terra of the Teen Titans in the DC Universe.
    • Big Belly Burger is an established chain from the DCU with its first appearance coming back in 1988 with Adventures Of Superman issue #441.
    • There is also a reference to Corto Maltese, which was a location mentioned in 1989′s Batman as well as the “Justice” episode of Smallville. It's also the location of the nuclear conflict in The Dark Knight Returns.
    • The room where Deadshot is staying is room 52, an arc number in the DCU.
    • Deadshot has his eyepiece and his wrist-cannon.
  • No Pronunciation Guide: No character seems to pronounce the name "Magnussen" correctly.
  • Tattooed Crook: Deadshot. Holy shit, Deadshot.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Oliver chews out his mother for "giving Thea her space" because when he was Thea's age, he could have used "a little less space, and a little more parenting".

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