Radar / Unnatural History

  • The Pilot Episode: Holy hell, were there people actually firing guns at the kids?
    • Considering the rating is PG...
    • Also, when Jasper explains why one of the footballers doesn't like him, Henry responds with "Well why not just kick him in the—?" Only to be cut off by Jasper. You can practically see the actor's mouth go to say 'balls'
    • They also manage to get the word "crap" past the radar. Twice.
  • Steroids in episode 5...and Jasper's subsequent 'roid rage outburst.
  • This exchange from episode three:
    Jasper: "You just scared the-you don't wanna know what you just scared out of me."
    Henry: "Good thing you had the toilet handy."
  • And this from episode four:
    Jasper: "She's trying to deflower me in front of everyone on the dance floor!"
    Jasper: "She's been trying to pierce me since the seventh grade."
  • Henry gets a text from Maggie asking him to meet her in the boiler room, and this exchange ensues:
    Henry: Why does she want to meet me in the boiler room?
Jasper: Well, it's private...and dark..and it's the place where teenagers go to...oh never mind, I just got the same text!
  • In the same episode, Jasper tries to sit down in a seat not realizing someone was already sitting there. He quickly apologizes and says it was an accident, to which the girl sitting there replies "Not according to Freud."
  • The mention of suicide in "Now You See Me".
  • In "Maximum Insecurity", it awfully looked like Henry choked one the the bad guys.
    • This episode also marks the first time I've ever seen someone chloroformed on a show that's supposedly intended for children. It also kinda makes you wonder why that guy was carrying chloroform around in the first place...
      • Well, considering they didn't seem to have rope or handcuffs handy as they tied Jasper up with what looked to be a spare computer cable, it's less Black Comedy Rape and more Hammerspace - one second the guy has nothing in his hands, the next: Oh, hey, look, chloroform! How very convenient!
    • From the same episode:
    Trey: Or else I'll taze Jasper in a very vulnerable place.
  • In "Thor's Slammer," Jasper steals Henry's clothes from an outdoor shower and leaves only a towel behind, wanting to win their prank war. Jasper tells Henry he knows he would have done to same thing, to which Henry replies:
    Henry: I'd have left you a tube sock.