Radar / Sonny with a Chance

  • In the second-season opener, Tawni (wearing a garish pair of large clown pants that rustle) asks where the sound is coming from. In reference to a hula-dancing sketch they rehearsed earlier, Sonny says, "Oh, that's just Grady sanding his nuts."
  • Let's not forget this gem:
    "Oh, that filthy cahooter!"
  • Or this:
    Chad: So, which one of you girls is gonna make me a sammich?
    • Grady tells Sonny to make him one in one of the newer episodes.
  • When Chad tells Nico and Grady that neither of them can ride in his car with him to an awards show because "Just because I'm arriving alone, doesn't mean I'm leaving alone..."
  • How about this that even the audience picked up:
    Grady: Uranus is mine!
  • Then there's this when the cast chained themselves to a gnome.
    Sonny: Need... Water.
    Tawni: Need... Lipgloss.
    Nico: Need... Girlfriend.
  • In one episode, Sonny has to play her teacher's boyfriend's part for a children's show, then the teacher walks in and does some rather sexy, suggestive moves and her voice getting lower, unaware this is her student...once Sonny's helmet is off, the teacher says "Well, this is weird."
  • In the Twilight parody episode, "Well, I hope you like him eating fish sticks!"
    • Oh, and "I think your fish sticks look a little dry." No wonder he gave her a strange look.
  • In a "So Random" Christmas skit where Joe Jonas is delivered as a life size Ken doll for a little girl played by Zora. This would be enough but then they reveal that he has an alternate outfit
    Zora: I want to change him!
    • and later,
    Zora: (holding up batteries) I wonder where the batteries go?
  • Sonny, to Chad: "My charity is children's literacy, armadildork!"
  • In Grady With A Chance of Sonny, Tawni and Nico hang out and prank Chad by making him think the energy bar he is endorsing has numerous side effects, including intermittent hearing loss. Tawni makes him think this by saying "If you...more than four hours... hospital", to which Chad reacts with terror.
  • "Going on a date with Chad is like going to water world. The first four rows get wet."
  • When Sonny is getting ready for her date with Chad, she is going over the various things she feels her outfit will need to suggest, including: "I'm interested but not too interested."