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Trivia: Sonny With A Chance
  • Hey, It's That Girl: Elisa Donovan, playing very much according to type as the evil blogger Sharona.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!: Lil Danny Dawkins is Nico.
  • Retroactive Recognition: G. Hannelius was Dakota, the bratty daughter of the head of the studio.
  • What Could Have Been: Early promos made it seem like the show would revolve around a love triangle between Nico/Chad/Sonny, especially the Japanese promos. Some Season 1 episodes still somewhat played with this concept, for example towards the end of Sonny With A Chance of Dating when Chad showed he wasn't willing to oppose Nico as he was standing up for Sonny.
    • Bridgit Mendler was in the running to play the role of Sonny (then named Molly).
  • Sonny With A Chance is the only multi-camera series on Disney Channel not to be produced by "It's A Laugh Productions" since that company started producing shows for Disney Channel. It was also the first Disney Channel series to premiere and be filmed entirely in high-definition.

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