Quotes / You Are Number 6

They've given you a number
And taken away your name
Secret Agent Man, Johnny Rivers

I speak to you as a man, who 50 years and nine days ago had no name, no hope, no future and was known only by his number, A7713.
Elie Wiesel, at the ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz

Number 48: Let me introduce myself — I'm number 48.
Ed: 48. Catchy.

I am the Commandant. You are Recruit 273. That number is not random. It was assigned to you because I have broken 272 recruits before you. You are nothing more than the next link in the chain.
The Commandant, Fable II

Never call me by my number! My name is Seth, and I am UNIQUE!

Javert: Five years for what you did; the rest because you tried to run. Yes, 24601-
Valjean: My name is Jean Valjean!
Javert: And I'm Javert! Do not forget my name! Do not forget me, 24601!

I am Number Six.

19: Well, look... I'm a mass produced soldier, meant only as cannon fodder... I'm less a person than a weapon. A statistic.
Chuck: Well you aren't one here, for fuck's sake.

Dr. Wakeman: Is that clear, XJ9?
Jenny: (Under her breath[?]) ...Jenny.
Dr. Wakeman: Wha...?
Jenny: Jenny! I changed my name to "Jenny!"

Poe: Hey, what's your name?
FN-2187: FN-2187!
Poe: F-what?
FN-2187: That's the only name they ever gave me.
Poe: Well, I ain't using it. F-N, huh? Finn. I'm gonna call you Finn. Is that all right?
Finn: Finn... Yeah! I like that! I like that!
Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Three of Nine: I have a name. It's Marika. Marika Willkarah. Willkarah.
Two of Nine: Hello, Marika Willkarah.
Seven of Nine: Her designation is Three of Nine!
Star Trek: Voyager, "Survival Instinct"

Seven of Nine: Six of Ten, this is not your assignment.
Harry Kim: Please, stop calling me that.
Seven of Nine: You are compromising our productivity. I am reassigning you to chamber maintenance. Your new designation is Two of Ten.
Harry Kim: Wait a minute, you're demoting me? Since when did the Borg pull rank?
Seven of Nine: It's Starfleet Protocol I adapted. I find it most useful.
Star Trek: Voyager, "The Omega Directive"

Clay Kaczmareck: Just walked right past me.
Desmond: Sixteen?
Clay Kaczmareck: Aw, they didn't tell you my name?

"Oh, that Number 11. I wish I had 12 of her!"
Dr. Goldfoot, Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine (1965)

Rokuro: What's your name, kid?
Malak Number 2: Malak Number 2.
Rokuro: That's a title, not a name.
Malak Number 2: ...
Rokuro: Oh, man, they didn't even give you a name? That's messed up.
Velvet: Doesn't "Rokuro" mean "sixth son?"

In a cold laboratory, beneath the lullay-lullay of a waterfall, an ancient vampire is a kept in enforced hibernation. The Carpathian mountains once rang with the name of Janos Dragosani. He carved his legend with fang and claw. Now he is forgotten Soviet experiment, designation #9.
The Buzzing, The Secret World