Quotes: Who Dares?

Abraham Lincoln: Who dares disturb my slumber?
George W. Bush: Who dares...question my...daring...of...his dare...jerk?

"You DARE strike me?"

Batman: One hellspore can turn an entire planet into a firepit, what will happen to Apokolips when 500 go off, simultaneously?
Darkseid: You Dare! YOU DARE!?

Ash: Uh... Hello? Anyone home?... I'm looking for a Nathaniel Payne... Nathaniel Payne? It's about the Kandarian summoning stone. You see, I need to borrow it for a while. Look, I'll bring it right back, ok?
Payne: Who dares to disturb my rest?
Ash: Whoa... uh, hey if this is a bad time I can come back.
Payne: No, this is the perfect time... for you to die!