Quotes / Unintentional Period Piece

This is so Nineties!
Kimberly doesn't know how right she is, Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers

"Buck has a cell phone, but Ken Ritz doesnít. Itís apparently possible, but not easy, to find an airportís phone number ďon the Internet or something.Ē And the expense of long-distance phone rates are significant enough to consider even in a ďlife or deathĒ situation. You donít need to check the publication date in this book. That right there is all you need to conclude that it was published in 1997."
Fred Clark on Nicolae: The Rise of Antichrist, a sequel of Left Behind

"Kids, take a trip back to The '80s when handguns were allowed on planes, smoking was allowed in airports, pregnant women were advised to drink by their female bosses, 14-year-old teenagers were allowed to work as limo drivers, and gas was f*cking 74 cents a gallon!"

"Zardoz is probably the most 70ís of all the 70ís movies Iíve recapped. Really. Itís more 70ís than Impulse, Night of the Lepus, and Parts: The Clonus Horror combined. Hell, itís more 70ís than That '70s Show.

From the flowing unisex garments, to all the half-naked waifish chicks, to the pointless quoting of Nietzsche, to all the big perms (on men!), to the cornucopia of half-assed stoner ideals, I canít think of a movie more dated in every aspect of its visual design and philosophy."

"Right before Scream, there was a real push to make movies 'evergreen', meaning donít date them and stay away from popular references so that if I turn it on in twenty years, I could think it was today. One of the things that [screenwriter] Kevin [Williamson] did was to throw out this idea of 'let it be forevermore', and let's fucking tag it for right now and lean into the moment of right now."
Matthew Lillard on Scream (1996), twenty years later

Thereís something oddly disposable about the first season, and it comes from exactly this: the first season exists to successfully launch Doctor Who on British television in the spring of 2005. In another year, or even in another country it comes off oddly. It was absolutely necessary to Doctor Who returning; in many ways itís the single most important season of Doctor Who since Pertweeís first season. But now that Doctor Who is a thing it feels oddly distant. Itís not that itís flawed on its own merits, so much as that it feels slightly unapproachable.
Eruditorum Press on the Doctor Who revival

Shadow Raiders is a purportedly multi-million dollar sci-fi series that 'utilizes state of the art CGI animation.' That's all well and good, but from an adult's perspective, it looks pretty clunky. I don't mean jerky - the animation is smooth and fluid and colorful - but it just looks like the kind of animation we have on game consoles now: chunky and clunky - and the reason for that is because it is about eight years old. In CGI terms, eight years is forever. Whilst 'classic' animations tend to remain watchable for years if not decades after their first broadcast, CGI has progressed so far that older productions become dated in a much shorter time. Shadow Raiders is a prime example - and without the heritage of something like Transformers (although it does employ the same toy range concept) - I find it difficult to see the market for this.

And holy cow is this movie set in the eighties. I mean, it was made in the eighties, but it almost looks like what future generations would imagine the eighties to be.

Y'know, is it possible to make something so dated it's actually timeless? This movie is REALLY trying to say yes!