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Quotes: Unintentional Period Piece
"Back at the Daily Planet, Lois is getting ready to go interview the President on Air Force One, and shes decked out in this hilarious 1940s reporter cosplay, right down to a hat. Shes even taking the Planet's helicopter, because and this might be hard to believe there was actually a time when newspapers made so much money that they could afford things like that."
Chris Sims and David Uzumeri on Superman

"Legacy strips tend to contain innumerable running gags that have been popping up regularly for decades, and in so doing ossify cultural attitudes that have long ago faded in the real world. Strips like Dennis the Menace have really young kids playing unsupervised around the neighborhood in ways that were commonplace a generation ago but would get many parents in trouble with Child Protective Services today. The tradition of just letting your dog roam freely at night, has, I think, been dead (at least in suburban American neighborhoods like the one where the Bumsteads live) for even longer: Im pretty sure I first learned that it had ever been common when as a child I asked my mother why Fred Flintstone was dumping Dino out on their doorstep at night, and was horrified at the answer. Yet Daisy being allowed to wander around unleashed in a common theme in Blondie, and Im genuinely curious as to whether there are places in the United States where it would still be considered unremarkable. That all said, if Dagwood were abruptly devoured by this pack of feral dogs with the same gluttonous ferocity with which hes crammed innumerable sandwiches down his gullet over the decades, I for one would not object."

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