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Quotes: Overly-Long Gag

Chico: I can't think of the finish.
Groucho: That's strange, and I can't think of anything else.

Ellis: My buddy Keith went camping out on top a building once. He was shooting crows but the police were too busy tear gassing him to ask what he was doing up there. He screamed for an entire year every time he opened his eyes. Oh man... at first it was funny... then it got sad... but then it got funny again.

If only they understood that when a running joke runs long enough, it becomes funny again.
Cracked, on TIME magazine taking the fictional George P. Burdell out of the running for 2001's Man of the Year because he had been invented in 1927.

[The cheap seats] are going "Ooh, this routine's gone on a bit long. I expect he'll stop doing it and talk about something else." No, I won't do that.
Stewart Lee's Carpet Remnants Tour

    Self-Demonstrating Examples 

Have you ever tried the experiment of saying some plain word,
such as "dog," thirty times? By the thirtieth time it has
become a word like "snark" or "pobble." It does not become tame,
it becomes wild, by repetition. In the end a dog walks about
as startling and undecipherable as Leviathan or Croquemitaine.
It may be that this explains the repetitions in Nature, it may be
for this reason that there are so many million leaves and pebbles.
Perhaps they are not repeated so that they may grow familiar.
Perhaps they are repeated only in the hope that they may at last
grow unfamiliar. Perhaps a man is not startled at the first cat he sees,
but jumps into the air with surprise at the seventy-ninth cat.
—G. K. Chesteron, Alarms and Discursions

Ash: Another secret [to being funny] is taking something funny and stretching it for way too long. Like: you make a joke, right? Then you just keep on going with it. The joke was probably funny about a minute ago, but you just keep going! You go on for so long that it goes all the way around the spectrum of comedy, until it is funny again!
Misty: Then you stop?
Ash: F*ck no! You just keep going! The longer the joke, the funnier it'll finally be when it ends! Trust me, by the time you end the joke, people will forget why it was funny in the first place. But they'll still be laughing!
Misty: And people fall for this?
Ash: Wh- fall for it?! It's brilliant!

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