Quotes / Have a Nice Death

Note that a lot of these quotes can also overlap with Game Over. However, not all of these necessitate a game over to trigger.
               YOU FAIL IT!
               - BYE-BYE! -
Blazing Star, if you don't beat a boss within the time limit

"Full Combo! Result: FAILED."
Any jubeat announcer, if you get a full combo but (somehow) don't meet the score quota

It's official: you suck!
Shao Kahn, Mortal Kombat 3

"Look at those numbers, Dogmeat! They look like reconstituted frog slime! I'm shippin' you back to flight school! SEE HOW YOU LIKE FLYIN' A DESK, SPUD-BRAIN!!"
Ghost, Sewer Shark

"The life of an adventurer is full of the unexpected. For instance, you did not expect to be dead. And now you are."
Blades of Avernum

"A pulselaser blast to the forehead is not your idea of fun. Fortunately it didn't hit anything important."
Space Quest III

"Sylvester Stallone just told me I suck!"
Noah "The Spoony One" Antwiler, Demolition Man

"But hey! At least you get a little animation after you die! (slurred) Here's a lollipop after your doctor's visit! Uh, you may have herpes, but it... tastes like cinnamon!"
JonTron, on Space Ace for the SNES


"No need to fear, all you need to do is restore your game. What do you mean, 'Restore WHAT game?'"

"The perfectly preserved remains of your body will be found by explorers, two thousand years from now. Your mission and your life end here."
Lone Wolf, The Caverns of Kalte

There was a Manhunter from New York
Who once took a walk in the park.
He stepped on a mine
Should have read the sign
Now he's scattered from dusk to dark.

"Flaming debris is not meant to be hugged."
— The online flash game Focus

"[Player Name] likes to play in magma."

"That's right. You have no head. That darn pool was filled with acid. You obviously can't go on living that way."
Space Quest 1, after Roger Wilco tastes or smells an acid pool

"Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor!"

The announcer, F-Zero

Public Enemy No. 1: "Come back when you lose your fear of flying!"
No money for repairs
"Well, you're dead. Again. This planet just doesn't seem very safe now, does it. Well, you ponder that in the afterlife while I find something better to do."

"Who gave you permission to take a hit, Alpha 1?!"

"The word "defeated" does not exist in the Lagerkvist dictionary. I trust you understand?"
Petra Johanna Lagerkvist, Arcana Heart 3

"I... can't lose! Please, give me one more chance!"
Heart Aino, Arcana Heart 3

Got the humanoid!
Got the intruder!

geeettttttt dunked on!!!
Undertale, if you fall to I Surrender, Suckers.

"This spot marks our grave. But you may rest here too, if you like."
Lothric, Younger Prince, Dark Souls III'

"(name) is an ex-worm"