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Otacon: [Pit] used to be a weakling, but countless trials over the years have toughened him up.
Snake: And by trials, you mean "Game Overs"?
Otacon: Uhh... yeah, you should know all about that.

"Game over."
John Kramer (and just about every villain after him), Saw

"Ooh... nasty."
Treguard, any time a dungeoneer died in the dungeon, Knightmare

"Have you been playing all summer? You think this is a game? Well, guess what? You just lost."

"That's it! Game over, man! Game over!"

Game Over Screens

"YOU DIED" (1996-2001) and "You Are Dead" (2002-present)
Resident Evil series, in bloody font


The Administrator telling what happened to the team that lost, Team Fortress 2

"The survivors were overwhelmed."

Mass Effect series

"Oh my God..."
pop'n music 16, if you are right below the required life needed to clear a song

"Aww, game over, man! Try again? No? Oh, well, then, see you later, man..."
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

I Wanna Be the Guy (you will be seeing that screen many, many, many times during the game)

"GAME OVER - Press Retry to try again"

"You have died. Want to retry? [YES / NO]"

"Get outta here! Forget about it!"
Gradius Gaiden, on the later stages

Little princess, little princess
Precious little princess
The little girl was as beautiful as a princess
But she was always all alone
The girl found her grave
Today is her funeral
...And everyone lived happily ever after...

Bokosuka Wars

"And you dead."
Golden Axe III, when the game records your journey from the start of the game to your defeat

"You have ignited a nuclear war. And no, there is no animated display of a mushroom cloud with parts of bodies flying through the air. We do not reward failure."
Balance of Power

"Do you want your possessions identified? [ynq] (n)"

"Are we there yet...?"
"Augh, check please."
"Help! I'm dead, and I can't get up, Gaw."

Liquid: "Ocelot, you did it again!"
Ocelot: "S-Sorry, boss."

Campbell: "Snake! You can't do that! The future will be changed! You'll create a Time Paradox!"

Boris: "Raiden, answer me! Raiden! RAIDEN!! Dammit!"

"Game Over, User Wins!"
System Voice, ReBoot, inverting the norm.

"You, one who has fallen before fulfilling your destiny...Beyond lies the land to which all souls eventually return...
Do not be afraid..."

"You Fucked Up"

"Stasis Lock"

"Game Over, man, The End."
Sketch Turner, Comix Zone

"I don't want to die..."
Jack (a ten-year-old boy), Emergency Call Ambulance

"I figued you'd have a little more fight in you! Guess I figured wrong...
The Joker, Batman: Arkham City (one of many, many examples, both in this game and the prequel)

Game Over
Score: &e0
Minecraft (Before it was changed to "You Died" and the score being counted correctly)

"Game... over."

"Operation failed. The medical board will be notified."

"Sic transit gloria mundi, the Roman Empire has fallen."

"Connection error...attempting to reconnect...reconnection failed"

"I am afraid it is my duty to inform you that by order of the Congress of the United States of America, you have been impeached. Further access to ShadowNetwork is denied. Effective immediately. Press mouse button or any key to continue."
Thank you, God bless you, and God bless the United States of America.
Shadow President, when you're impeached

"Press start to continue."
Makoto Nanaya, BlazBlue

Alis's hope cannot
overcome the power
of Lassic.
The adventure is

"ROLF and the others
failed to restore peace
to the planet Algo."

"The party has been

"Your defeat has brought chaos to the fedaration. Your cowardice and betrayal shall be known throughout the stars. Your decaying corpse will be an object for ridicule and scorn. Disgrace will follow your family for centuries...
Once adorned and worshipped by all, your rotting flesh will serve as a reminder of the price of failure.
Oh, the horrible pain of defeat...
Game Over"
Death Duel


"Is that it? You don't want to leave things like this, do you?"
"It's too early to give up now. Maybe you just need to take a break..."
"Thanks for playing. Come back soon."
"Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow. That doesn't mean you have to take it..."

"Your interference has only briefly delayed the inevitable. Do not mourn the loss of your worlds. Their energy will feed my hunger, and Galactus is eternal."
Marvel vs. Capcom 3, if the player loses to the Final Boss and does not continue


"Your time has passed"

"Sadly, no trace of [the hero/them] was ever found..."

"The monsters rejoice, for the party has been destroyed!"

"You fall and break your neck.
You are dead.
Thanks for playing Dragons and Tears: Part 1 of The Sprialing Darkness Trilogy"
Saints Row: The Third, parodying old text adventures. All your "deaths" in this segment involve breaking your neck and dying.

Kerchak: Your game is over, Tarzan. Next time, be more careful.
Kerchak: With skills like that, you'll never learn to be one of us.
Kerchak: The jungle always claims those who don't learn how to survive.
Kerchak: Your playtime is over. Recklessness like that will get someone killed.
Clayton: Oh, my. Your game is over. Quite the pity.
Clayton: I see all you've learned is how to lose! (Evil Laugh)
Clayton: Game over. Bye-bye to your little ape friends.
Clayton: Alas, my boy, your little ape friends are mine! (Evil Laugh)
Clayton: (Evil Laugh) That's the end of your jungle adventures!

Phil: I thought you were gonna be the all-time champ, not the all-time chump.
Hades: I just love an unhappy ending! Mambo, cha-cha-cha, I love it!
Pain and Panic: Our hero's a zero! Our hero's a zero! (Evil Laugh)
Hades: My favorite part of the game... sudden death!
Hades: Heh-heh-heh! Oh, the thrill of victory, and the pain of defeat - your defeat!

Dear Diary,
Today I died.
I was killed by this thing in some [basement/cave/dark place/warm place/cold place].
I leave all that I own to my cat Guppy.
Goodbye, Cruel World!
[Isaac/Maggie/Cain/Judas/Eve ♥/???/Sam]

Love is Over

"You are Dead"

"Your soul is doomed."

"Abandon all hope..."

Yandere Simulator, if Senpai causes the Game Over

I can never face my Senpai again...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai snaps at Yandere-chan for being a stalker

Senpai noticed me...at the worst time...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai sees Yandere-chan brandishing a weapon

I shouldn't have let him see me like that...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai sees Yandere-chan covered in blood

Now he knows what I'm really like...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai sees Yandere-chan in the throes of insanity

Now Senpai could never love me...
Yandere Simulator, if Senpai witnesses Yandere-chan comitting murder

Yandere Simulator, if the Game Over is caused by a teacher

Yandere Simulator, if the police can tie the player to a murder and arrest them

Yandere Simulator, if Yandere-chan is knocked out by a delinquent

Good night!

A bison rammed into Andrew's head causing severe brain damage. Andrew later choked to death on his own vomit while unconscious.

you were
by sharks

black outnote 

Oh dear...

"You thought this was just a GAME, didn't you?! Well, it's OVER for you!"

Phantom, you were not able to achieve your goal.
You must leave this world.


Mission Failed
"The ninja Ayame returns to the shadows from which she came to be forgotten forever as a failure."

Mission Failed
"The ninja Rikimaru lies broken, a shadow in life, in death a failure."

Game Over
"He has traveled the six worlds.
Do his eyes remain in this transient world?
The path he followed, he chose not.
Now he floats higher than any shadow."
Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins (When Tatsumaru dies)

Game Over
"My face burns with crimson fire.
My face is a tangled mass.
But at last my heart is clear.
The moon will not brighten this long night."
Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins (When Ayame dies)

Game Over
"Bright and cold, the flash of steel.
Alone I roam over desolate fields.
My sword, I need no longer.
The evening wind will carry me home."
Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins (When Rikimaru dies)

Mission Failed
"Many lives these two blades have taken
As many as they have protected.
My blood covered lips speak no words
As I stare into the blades' reflection."
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (When Ayame dies)

Mission Failed
"Blackness covers all I see and all I touch.
No feeling of pain just sorrow.
My hand loses grip of the sword I held.
And I turn to become a true shadow."
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (When Rikimaru dies)

Mission Failed
"Like all days the sun has set
With darkness all around me.
Just one difference I see tonight
The sun will not rise in the morning."
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (When Tesshu dies)

Mission Failed
"The shadows have stained the night in blood."

Mission Failed
"What spirits shall haunt you in the afterlife?"
Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

Result: FAILED.

Result: Full Combo! FAILED.
jubeat saucer, if you full combo a song but don't meet the score quota

DJMAX Online

You need more practice! Never give it up!
DJMAX Portable 2 and various other games in the series

(Attention! Please take your Player's Card)
DJMAX Technika 3

Hey! Why don't you just get up and dance, man?!

The darkly prospering days of man have reached an end.
You have strayed from the cycle of stars and will leave not a trace of your existence.
But fear not. You will no longer feel anything...
403 Forbidden

This world, bound by Akasha's chains, shall turn to dust.
Yet the cycle knows no end, and all shall be reborn anew.
For now, those who are lost shall vanish into the endless void...
404 Not Found
Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker

Skyrig appreciates your hard work. Next of kin notified.

Raidou the 14th! This is shameful. You have disappointed us. Your abilities are pathetic compared to the ones who preceded you! It was a grave error for you to assume the mantle of the 14th Raidou Kuzunoha. We have no choice. You've slandered the sacred name of Raidou. Begone!

Begin! *zap* GAME. OVER.

"Game Over."
— George Stobbart's headstone in Broken Sword : Shadow of the Templars


Shutting down. Game over.
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu (iOS English version)


<trainer> is out of useable Pokémon!
<trainer> blacked out!

<player> fell...mission failed

On Your Decision

It's Absolutely.

Rhythm League Notes
That...could have been better.
Try Again
Rhythm Heaven Fever

This court sees no reason to further prolong the trial. Nor is there any need for more time to decide the case against the defendant. This case is extremely clear. I see no room for misinterpretation of the facts. This court finds the defendant, <defendant's name>...Guilty. The accused will surrender to the court immediately, to be held pending trial at a higher court within a month from today's date. That is all. The court is adjourned! (SLAM)

Thus the truth was lost for all eternity.
Miles Edgeworth, Ace Attorney Investigations

showing real courage, you ran:
n metres
everyone is a winner

game over

"Beyond the river is the land of the dead...It is where the souls of the deceased endure nothingness as they await reincarnation...Oh, it's you again. You died so carelessly...Macca opens all doors. I'd be willing to do this for you for a little compensation. You can also pay me in Play Coins, if you'd like."

"You just HAD to make more work for me...Fine, take this number. Let me be clear: your turn will come up long after the wind erodes the boulders down to sand. Go idle the time away for eternity, soul of a former Samurai."
(fade to black)
"Now then, what number was I at...? Whew...Honestly, this is going to take forever to settle!"
Charon again, if you refuse his offer

"Hm...? The last bribe is still on your tab. If you can't pay the bribe, I can't possibly revive you. You there, jailer. Throw this youth's soul into the mountain somewhere over there."
Charon yet again, if you revive yourself without enough Macca, then die again without getting enough money to pay off the debt

Chrom: "I'm...sorry, everyone...Leave me...Save yourselves...if you can..."
: "Chrom, NO! You can't die! Not now!"
Fire Emblem Awakening, if Chrom is felled in battle

Avatar: "Chrom...everyone...F-forgive me..."
: "No! Not you, Avatar! Open your eyes! OPEN YOUR EYES!"
Fire Emblem Awakening, if the Avatar is felled in battle

"So this...is the end...Forgive me, everyone...I didn't...accomplish anything..."

You fainted.
Reward decreased by
(max reward / 3)z.
Reward decreased to 0z.
No continues remaining.
Quest failed...

"Operation Failed"

"Sorry, this is the end of this game."
R4: Ridge Racer Type 4

"Sorry, you didn't accumulate enough points to move on to the next round. Better luck next time!"

LEX WINS. *evil laugh*



Warrior of Ras

You dirty rapscallion !!!
You ran your poor camel to death !!!!!
You died in the desert.
The local sheik now uses your skull for a change purse !!!!
Want a new camel and a new game (Y or N)?

You Lose!
Meteos, in a versus match

Meteos, in single-player


"You're Smoked!"

"Paperboy calls it quits!"

APB (the Atari Games arcade game; not to be confused with the MMOTPS All Points Bulletin)

"You and your friends are dead."
"Game Over"

"From the beginning, the odds were against you. It was only a matter of time before you reached the end. You're history!!"

"It's a sad thing that your adventures have ended here!"

"You have sustained a lethal injury. Sorry, but you are finished... Here."

"Since you have no ammunition left, you must join the hostages."

"You are fatally wounded. Your mission has failed."

"Alright, (name), I think this evening is over. You gotta leave. We'll be fine, you'll just have to go!"
— Trip; Façade

The party is lost...

Terminal Life Signs

Thou art dead.

Everyone is dead.

You have died!

The remaining powers of the Dreamweb have united, destroying the keepers and opening the gates to other worlds. This has brought evil and chaos through the Dreamweb. Evil that has been channeled down to the thoughts and dreams of the human race. Your death remained unnoticed by billions of people, but in reality it affected every other human being. The cities grew. Pollution increased, the skies covered with dirt. Big money won. Fascist governments proposed on greed and persecution. The world expected and received war. War on a global scale. The nuclear threat was evident. All hope was lost... Millions burned in the fire...

The undertaker: You better work on your sharpshootin', stranger. You only got two lives left.
The undertaker: Some people were born lucky. You better get lucky, or you're gonna be dead! You've only got one life left.
The undertaker: Looks like this good ol' boy's seen his last gunfight. Time to take him to Boot Hill.
Mad Dog McCree, on your first, second, and third (and final) death, respectively.

"I regret to inform you...Seaman has passed away."
Leonard Nimoy, Seaman, upon booting up the game if Seaman has died since your last play session


"I'd rather inhale poop from a badger's bellybutton than continue this congealed game!!"

"You, your dog, and your friends are dead."
Lakeview Cabin Collection, in a Shout-Out to the NES adaptation of Friday the 13th and the Angry Video Game Nerd

You have failed your adventure
"Your party has been defeated. Rannie just barely makes it out, and carries your bones to the temple."

Lost With All Hands
"You, and all your crew, are gone. London will speculate in vain as to how you might have met your end."

"Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey.
One is always aware that it lies in wait.
Though life is merely a journey to the grave,
it must not be undertaken without hope.
Only then will a traveler's story live on,
cherished by those who bid him farewell.
But alas, my guest's life has now ended,
his tale left unwritten...
Igor, Persona 3, The Journey

"Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey.
One is always aware that it lies in wait.
Though life is merely a journey to the grave,
it must not be undertaken without hope.
Only then will a traveler's story live on,
cherished by those who bid him farewell.
But alas, my guest's life has now ended,
a tale left unwritten...
Igor, Persona 3 Portable

"As proof of one's life, there exists
the danger of death.
This proof exists as a flame, painfully
burning one's life away.
Yet though a life crumbles to dust,
time moves ever onward.
He who had been your proof, your life
itself... The answer has been lost,
never to be found again.
Igor, Persona 3, The Answer

"Life is truth, and never a dream...
All souls know this from birth...
The truth is something that is chosen,
and grasped... Something discovered with
one's vision and will.
Only by gaining that does the seeker
become truth himself, a cord that
connects past and future.
But now, our guest's destiny has been
severed, and the truth languishes
within the hollow, fog-filled forest...
Igor, Persona 4

Vector Strong Bad, sbzone


"You cannot give up just yet...
(Name)! Stay determined..."

"This is just a bad dream..."
"And you are NEVER waking up!"
Undertale upon losing to Flowey at the end of a Neutral playthrough

Surgery Failed
And it was going so well...
Brutal murder achieved in a mere
x minutes and y seconds

Zat was doctor-assisted homicide!

The Witch Hunt Is Over

You have not succeeded in dealing with the alien invasion and the council of funding nations has regrettably decided to terminate the project. Each nation shall deal with the problem as they see fit. We can only hope to come to some accommodation with these apparently hostile forces, and that the general population will come to terms with the alien visitors.

You have failed to stop the alien onslaught. One by one the funding nations sign pacts with the aliens promising technology, prosperity and peace. However it soon becomes clear that the aliens have other plans... The aliens attempt to exterminate all humanity, destroying cities and poisoning the air and sea. The resistance of earth armies is futile in the face of vastly superior technology. Surviving generations suffer terrible mutations as they flee alien destruction. They are rounded up into slave camps to help transform earth into an alien colony which is part of some unknown empire. The knowledge gained from the XCom project is lost forever. You have failed to save the earth.
X-COM: UFO Defense - PC version (the PSX version instead shows this cutscene)

All X-COM bases have been destroyed. All research data is lost and personnel have left. With no other hope for humanity the Aliens will inevitably conquer earth.

"The inability of this project to maintain the support of several crucial council members has greatly reduced the effectiveness of both entities. This entire undertaking was the product of an ill-conceived plan...a series of simple...misunderstandings, met with an overzealous response. We believe the best course of action now is to cooperate with the aliens, for the...betterment...of all mankind. We are of one mind about this. The path ahead...is clear."

The enemy has overrun XCOM's headquarters. We are no longer capable of fighting the alien invasion.
X-COM: Enemy Within, if the player fails "XCOM Base Defense"

"Loyal citizens...I stand before you truly humbled. So many lives lost, so many needless sacrifices, as we have endured to cope with those who would see our great coalition fall. Today, our struggle ends. XCOM is no more. ADVENT peacekeepers have reduced the last of their strongholds to ashes. And with it, the fragmented remains of the old world are finally washed away. Thank you for your continued support. And thank you to the Elders for their guidance through this crisis. Long live Advent. Long live the Elders."

One last explosion marks your fate as your ship is torn apart.
FTL: Faster Than Light, if your ship's Hull meter runs out

All crew members have died. Your ship will continue to drift for eternity, or until looters destroy it.
FTL, if all of your crewmembers are killed or otherwise lost

PROTIP: There is no reset button in life. Lucky for you, this is a video game!

"We are here to pay tribute to one of our own, 2nd Lieutenant Maverick. It is always sad to lose a pilot, but it is especially difficult when he is as young as Maverick. He died without even a chance to prove himself.

"Farewell, Maverick. You'll be missed."

"I am stripping you of your commission. Your days in the Space Force are over. You're no paper-pusher, so I won't insult you by offering you a desk job. It wouldn't do for the great hero of the Kilrathi War to have sunk to such depths...I think it best to make a clean break, sever all ties. Thank you, Colonel."
Admiral Sir Geoffrey Tolwyn, Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom

(name of team)'s team is no more...

Ren and Stimpy: Fire Dogs

Guardian Down

The Darkness Consumed You
Destiny, if you (and all other Guardians on your team) die in a Darkness Zone

"Well, this is awkward..."
Ultonius: A Tale of Petty Revenge

"The show's been cancelled?!"

you died
game over
cloudphobia, if your Life Meter runs out

the ship is sunk
game over
cloudphobia, if the mothership's Life Meter runs out

And so the Shadow Queen engulfed the world with her foul magic. For Mario...For Peach...And for the whole world, it was...

"I cannot ask my friends to suffer for my mistakes. There is no chance of our success now that I have failed. I will have to leave this mission to the next captain. He will, at least, have my mission logs to learn from."
Star Trek: The Next Generation, if too many main characters are incapacitated

"Far too many good people have been injured on this mission. Our ship is being recalled to the nearest Starbase and the USS Middleton will continue our work. I must accept full responsibility for this failure."
Star Trek: The Next Generation, if too many Red Shirts are incapacitated

"The serious injury to Captain Picard forces Starfleet to recall the Enterprise to the nearest Starbase. The USS Middleton will continue the mission."

The machine has overheated

The radar system has broken
The vernier system has broken
The beam cannon has broken
The main engine has overloaded

Finest Hour, when the player's temperature gauge reaches critical


"My wife and friends are waiting for me at my home town, but now I'd like to pause."
Finest Hour, if the player chooses not to continue

The Dark Lady tightens her grip...
And the Land is thrown into Despair and War.

Blades of Vengeance

Caesar, we will punish you for your treason.
Warrior of Rome II

Your bones are scraped clean by the desolate wind. Your Vault will now surely die...as you have.

The radiation has taken its toll. Your death was lingering and extremely painful. Your adventure is done.
Fallout, if the player dies from radiation poisoning.

The wasteland has claimed your life. Arroyo attempts to send out others to search for the GECK, but they die quickly, and the village soon follows.

The residents of Modoc eventually find your body a few miles from the outhouse. The stench is so bad that that they leave your corpse to rot in the waste.
Fallout 2, if the player dies in Modoc.

Boy, are you stupid. And dead.

You failed to stop Grelok. The evil sorcerer covers the world in darkness and begins a thousand-year reign of terror. And it's all your fault.

Lance Boyle: Ah, sorry, Enforcer, you didn't get the job done. It's "return-to-reality time," old buddy. Ah, gee, if there was only something I could do. Hey, wait a minute! I've got an idea, heh-heh-heh... let's call the next contestant!
MegaRace, when you fail to take out all your opponents within your three laps

Lance Boyle: And so, the struggle for law and order on our freeways claims another victim. You saw it live right here on MegaRace, where death is a short horizontal line on the monitor screen of life.
MegaRace, when you die

Sorry we are CLOSED


...and that's how my story ends. The cop, who at first thought at first that I was injured, opened the door to the toilets and found the body. I'll be spending the rest of my days rotting in a prison somewhere. I'll never know exactly what happened to me that cold night in January, in the toilet of an East End restaurant, because as far as everyone else is concerned, I'm just a killer...

[Monster] unleashes [Attack] on you. You try to defend as you normally would, but multiple wounds have taken their toll, and your dodges are slow and sloppy.

The enemy's attack zooms in on your body and connects, sending you to the ground.

You aren't getting up from that one.

...As your consciousness starts to flee, you look up one last time at the [monster], who looks down at you with intense hunger.

...Your journey is at an end."

The midnight black curtain pressing against your back finally gets the best of you and swallows you whole. Almost immediately, you are crushed by intense pressure and sent flying into the air.

From above, you can see the Darkness assailing the land. From this new vantage point, you are able to spot something among the endless dark fog. A dragon, larger than any mountain in the land, is coiled up within the deadly fog.

"Oh, so that is what has been consuming our world?"

As you come to this realization, something solid slams into your body and ends your musings forever.
One Way Heroics, if you are swallowed by the Darkness

Metroid + Saving paying homage to Super Metroid




[GAME_OVER] Terminal Corruption

MISSION FAILED You were defeated.
Metroid Prime: Federation Force when you die in single player.

MISSION FAILED All team mates were defeated.
Metroid Prime: Federation Force when you play multiplayer and everyone dies.

MISSION FAILED The objective was destroyed.
Metroid Prime: Federation Force when you fail to protect a designated target.

Samus, what's going on?! Respond! RESPO-!
Adam Malkovich, Metroid: Other M

"You Fool. You Think You Can Defeat The Master? You Can Never Win...HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

"Hmmm...Arrggh...My...WHAT IS THIS? Speechless...utterly speechless. What is this supposed to be? Why is it so itty-bitty? We may go to the trouble of making it rain and putting on faces, but Our morale just drops when a nasty katamari that small shows up. We knew We should have asked your cousins instead of you. This is not your fault, but Ours for believing in you. It was all Our fault. It's all right. Forget everything. Forget about EVERYTHING. And just go away. GOOD BYE!"
The King of All Cosmos, Katamari Damacy

"'Yaaaaaaaaaawn...Booo-oooooo-oooring. Our fan was disappointed, but We are even more disappointed. Prince, that wasn't fun at all. Prince, that wasn't exciting at all. It's like...so boring to all forms of life. We should've known better than to do this Katamari Damacy thing. Nobody likes it, it's a terrible game. Thanks to Prince, Our fan base has gone down by one as well. And, We're hungry. Thank you very much."
The King of All Cosmos, We Love Katamari

Everyone in your party has died.
Many wagons fail to make it all the way to Oregon.

Thy game is over

"You're dead! That's not good, is it?"
— The female deputy in Crime Patrol 2: Drug Wars, on any of the "Sierra County" stages

"You cannot win!"
"You will lose!"
"Surrender, you coward!"
"Turn back, you creep!"

As you bend down to fill the pots with water a dark shadow looms out of the depths and pulls you into the water.
Waxworks, when you are killed by a crocodile in ancient Egypt

You are taken to the cells overnight, hauled before a judge the next morning, unjustly found guilty, and sentenced to hang for your ancestor's crimes.
Waxworks, if you get caught by the police in Victorian England

Suddenly a pair of ghostly hands punch their way through the base of the coffin. The hands grasp your neck in an icy grip of death. You are dragged relentlessly into the coffin, your body choked of life.
Waxworks, if you get trapped in "The Last" coffin

Suddenly the air is filled with noxious acidic fumes. Your lungs burn as you gasp for oxygen and then everything goes black.
Waxworks, if you die from poisoned air in the mine

You have failed. You have not prevented the witch from casting her curse. You're family is cursed forever. Every generation that has the misfortune to bear twins, will be affected by the witch's words. Your twin brother is doomed to serve Beelzebub forever.
Waxworks, if you fail to defeat the Final Boss


Night Over

beatmania IIDX, if you failed by draining out your Life Meter

Thank you very much for your ride.
beatmania IIDX 23 copula

beatmania IIDX 24 SINOBUZ

The gods do not protect fools. Fools are protected by more capable fools.
Larry Niven

Ness! It looks like you've got your head handed to you. So, how about giving it another shot?

It must have all just been a bad dream. See you, Ness!
Earthbound, if you refuse to continue after the above message.

Lambert: My god, Fisher! Have you gone insane? The mission is over!

You feel the fatal blow, and even as you die you try to impale your enemy on your sword. But it is the end. Though a man has but one life, his name lives on forever!
Sword Of The Samurai, if you die in battle

You have violated the sacred duty of a retainer to his lord. As an example to others who might contemplate disloyalty, your lord orders your entire family exterminated.
Sword Of The Samurai, if you either refuse to commit seppuku when ordered, or try to rebel against your master and fail

Your troops are routed, your power is broken. Lord (name), your conqueror, insists that you swear fealty to him. There is only one possible answer you can give.
Sword Of The Samurai, if a rival daimyo invades and conquers you

You retire your position in favor of your heir. Gratefully giving up your former life of unrest and strife, you become a monk, devoting the rest of your days to the study of Zen.
Sword Of The Samurai, if you retire

You have been captured in (rival's name)'s house while obviously engaged on a mission of treachery. The daimyo has no choice but to order you to commit seppuku. You have until sunset to prepare yourself for death.
Sword Of The Samurai, if you attempt to commit some kind of treachery against a rival and get captured

The only honorable action left to you is to commit seppuku. Knowing your family will honor you for your act, you do the deed quickly and unflinchingly.
Sword Of The Samurai, if you commit seppuku

Your banners have fallen, and your armies are fleeing. All of your efforts have been in vain. There is only one course a true samurai can take. You unsheathe your knife and prepare to commit seppuku.
Sword Of The Samurai, if you declare yourself shogun and fail in the final battle

"Help me, Marinaaaaaaaaaa......!"

Beavis: I think we're dead or something
Butthead: This sucks dude!

Dead End
Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment/Hollow Fragment

Athena, Overwatch

The heroes fought valiantly, but they could not stop Dr. Junkenstein and his creations. The castle fell, the defenders were slain, and Junkenstein had his revenge...
Overwatch, "Junkenstein's Revenge"

"You have disappointed me. As of today, you are dismissed from your duties as a VT pilot and you will be reassigned to a service in the rear."
Steel Battalion, if you eject from a VT and don't have enough points to purchase a new one.

"You have passed a signal at danger, Game Over"
Video Game/Railworks, if you pass a red signal in a career scenario.


Mind head when leaving
Dariusburst Another Chronicle

Overcrowding at this station has forced your metro to close.
x passengers traveled on your metro over y days.
Mini Metro

"Come on, little cubs. It's time to head back to camp."

Go again!
—Lyrics to the Japanese Game Over theme in Sonic the Hedgehog CD


"You've got a lot to learn before you beat me. Try again,kiddo!"


"Here lies a brave miner. He died with his tool in his hand, for the love of sweet Miss Mimi. His Bank Account was (amount)"
VGA Miner, when you die

"Your health was (amount). You ran out of money. Better luck next time."
VGA Miner, when you run out of money

"The legend will never die."