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Quotes: Game Over
Otacon: [Pit] used to be a weakling, but countless trials over the years have toughened him up.
Snake: And by trials, you mean "Game Overs"?
Otacon: Uhh... yeah, you should know all about that.

"You and your friends are dead."
"Game Over"

"Game over."
John Kramer (and just about every villain after him), Saw

Game Over Screens

"YOU DIED" (1996-2001) and "You Are Dead" (2002-present)
Resident Evil series, in bloody font

The Administrator telling what happened to the team that lost, Team Fortress 2

"The survivors were overwhelmed."

Mass Effect series

"Oh my God..."
Pop N Music 16, if you are right below the required life needed to clear a song

"Aww, game over, man! Try again? No? Oh, well, then, see you later, man..."
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

I Wanna Be the Guy (you will be seeing that screen many, many, many times during the game)

"GAME OVER - Press Retry to try again"

"You have died. Want to retry? [YES / NO]"

"Get outta here! Forget about it!"
Gradius Gaiden, on the later stages

Little princess, little princess
Precious little princess
The little girl was as beautiful as a princess
But she was always all alone
The girl found her grave
Today is her funeral
...And everyone lived happily ever after...

Bokosuka Wars

"And you dead."
Golden Axe III, when the game records your journey from the start of the game to your defeat

"You have ignited a nuclear war. And no, there is no animated display of a mushroom cloud with parts of bodies flying through the air. We do not reward failure."
Balance of Power

"Do you want your possessions identified?"

"Oh, I biffed it!"


"Game Over, User Wins!"
System Voice, ReBoot, inverting the norm.

"You, one who has fallen before fulfilling your destiny...Beyond lies the land to which all souls eventually return...
Do not be afraid..."

"You Fucked Up"

"Game Over, man, The End."
Sketch Turner, Comix Zone

"I don't want to die..."
Jack (a ten-year-old boy), Emergency Call Ambulance

"I figued you'd have a little more fight in you! Guess I figured wrong...
The Joker, Batman: Arkham City (one of many, many examples, both in this game and the prequel)

Game Over
Score: &e0
Minecraft (Before it was changed to "You Died" and the score being counted correctly)

"Game... over."

"Operation failed. The medical board will be notified."

"Sic transit gloria mundi, the Roman Empire has fallen."

"Connection error...attempting to reconnect...reconnection failed"

"Press start to continue."
Makoto Nanaya, BlazBlue

"Your defeat has brought chaos to the fedaration. Your cowardice and betrayal shall be known throughout the stars. Your decaying corpse will be an object for ridicule and scorn. Disgrace will follow your family for centuries...
Once adorned and worshipped by all, your rotting flesh will serve as a reminder of the price of failure.
Oh, the horrible pain of defeat...
Game Over"
Death Duel

"Is that it? You don't want to leave things like this, do you?"
"It's too early to give up now. Maybe you just need to take a break..."
"Thanks for playing. Come back soon."
"Defeat is a bitter pill to swallow. That doesn't mean you have to take it..."


"Your time has passed"

"Sadly, no trace of [the hero/them] was ever found..."

"The monsters rejoice, for the party has been destroyed!"

Clayton: I see all you've learned is how to lose! (Evil Laugh)
Clayton: That's my boy! All your little ape friends are mine! (Evil Laugh)

Dear Diary,
Today I died.
I was killed by this thing in some [basement/cave/dark place/warm place/cold place].
I leave all that I own to my cat Guppy.
[Isaac/Maggie/Cain/Judas/Eve ♥/???/Sam]

Love is Over

"You are Dead"
"Your soul is doomed."
"Rest in peace"
"Abandon all hope..."
— The Devil May Cry series (respectively, games 1, 2, 3, and 4)


Good night!

A bison rammed into Andrew's head causing severe brain damage. Andrew later choked to death on his own vomit while unconscious.

You were murdered by sharks

Oh dear...

Phantom, you were not able to achieve your goal.
You must leave this world.


Mission Failed
"The ninja Ayame returns to the shadows from which she came to be forgotten forever as a failure."

Mission Failed
"The ninja Rikimaru lies broken, a shadow in life, in death a failure."
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins

Game Over
"He has traveled the six worlds.
Do his eyes remain in this transient world?
The path he followed, he chose not.
Now he floats higher than any shadow."
Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins (When Tatsumaru dies)

Game Over
"My face burns with crimson fire.
My face is a tangled mass.
But at last my heart is clear.
The moon will not brighten this long night."
Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins (When Ayame dies)

Game Over
"Bright and cold, the flash of steel.
Alone I roam over desolate fields.
My sword, I need no longer.
The evening wind will carry me home."
Tenchu 2 - Birth of the Stealth Assassins (When Rikimaru dies)

Mission Failed
"Many lives these two blades have taken
As many as they have protected.
My blood covered lips speak no words
As I stare into the blades' reflection."
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (When Ayame dies)

Mission Failed
"Blackness covers all I see and all I touch.
No feeling of pain just sorrow.
My hand loses grip of the sword I held.
And I turn to become a true shadow."
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (When Rikimaru dies)

Mission Failed
"Like all days the sun has set
With darkness all around me.
Just one difference I see tonight
The sun will not rise in the morning."
Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven (When Tesshu dies)

Mission Failed
"The shadows have stained the night in blood."

Mission Failed
"What spirits shall haunt you in the afterlife?"
Tenchu: Fatal Shadows

Result: FAILED.

Result: Full Combo! FAILED.
jubeat saucer, if you full combo a song but don't meet the score quota

DJMAX Online

You need more practice! Never give it up!
DJMAX Portable 2 and various other games in the series

(Attention! Please take your Player's Card)
DJMAX Technika 3

Hey! Why don't you just get up and dance, man?!

The darkly prospering days of man have come to an end. You who have strayed from the cycle of stars will not leave a trace of your existence. But fear not. You will no longer feel anything...
403 Forbidden

Skyrig appreciates your hard work. Next of kin notified.

Raidou the 14th! This is shameful. You have disappointed us. Your abilities are pathetic compared to the ones who preceded you! It was a grave error for you to assume the mantle of the 14th Raidou Kuzunoha. We have no choice. You've slandered the sacred name of Raidou. Begone!

Begin! *zap* GAME. OVER.


Shutting down. Game over.
DoDonPachi DaiFukkatsu (iOS English version)


<trainer> is out of usable POKéMON!
<trainer> blacked out!

<player> fell...mission failed

On Your Decision

It's Absolutely.

Rhythm League Notes
That...could have been better.
Try Again
Rhythm Heaven Fever

This court sees no reason to further prolong the trial. Nor is there any need for more time to decide the case against the defendant. This court finds the defendant, <defendant's name>...Guilty. The accused will surrender to the court immediately, to be held pending trial at a higher court within a month from today's date. That is all. The court is adjourned!

showing real courage, you ran:
n metres
everyone is a winner

game over

"Beyond the river is the land of the dead...It is where the souls of the deceased endure nothingness as they await reincarnation...Oh, it's you again. You died so carelessly...Macca opens all doors. I'd be willing to do this for you for a little compensation. You can also pay me in Play Coins, if you'd like."

"You just HAD to make more work for me...Fine, take this number. Let me be clear: your turn will come up long after the wind erodes the boulders down to sand. Go idle the time away for eternity, soul of a former Samurai."
(fade to black)
"Now then, what number was I at...? Whew...Honestly, this is going to take forever to settle!"
Charon again, if you refuse his offer

"Hm...? The last bribe is still on your tab. If you can't pay the bribe, I can't possibly revive you. You there, jailer. Throw this youth's soul into the mountain somewhere over there."
Charon yet again, if you revive yourself without enough Macca, then die again without getting enough money to pay off the debt

"You fainted. No continues remaining. Quest failed."

Death is not a hunter unbeknownst to its prey, one is always aware that it lies in wait.
Though life is merely a journey to the grave, it must not be undertaken without hope.
Only then will a traveler's tale live on, treasured by those who bid him farewell.
But alas, my guest's life has ended, his tale left unwritten.
Igor, Persona 3

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