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Quotes: False Reassurance
"When the test is over, you will be... missed!"

"We've both said a lot of things you're going to regret."

Troy McLure: Come on, Billy! Let's go to the killing floor.
Billy: *gasps*
Troy: Don't let the name fool you, Billy. It's not really a floor.

"I am 100% certain you're returning from this battle, Travis. ...In a body bag."
Sylvia before the Shinobu Boss Fight, No More Heroes

"All experiments are guaranteed to be 100% Not-Entirely Lethal."
Penny Crygor, WarioWare

Yes, I have heard [the children] crying late at night, and I have thought about them —
I have heard them playing and laughing outside my window while I was trying to sleep and I have thought about them —
I have seen the pictures they have drawn on my car and I have thought and thought and thought about them.
And so this book —
To help all my little friends get all the things in life they so richly deserve.

Thief: Just be careful with this thing. I've stuffed more riches in there than actually exists.
Red Mage: They'll be preserved, I assure you.
Thief: What an odd statement. Yet my concerns are put to rest by it.

Pedophile Priest: Please! Y-You must understand! I am just a man! A-A-A-A man is just but a speck in the eyes of the Lord! I am weak!
Maxwell: Oh, do not worry, Father. I assure you, God is forgiving.
Priest: Really? Oh, praise be toŚ (Heinkel comes behind him and puts a gun to his head)
"I'm willing to offer you positions in my new world order!" (away from microphone) "Asmyslaves."
Voldemort, A Very Potter Musical

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