Quotes: Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male

Howard: Synthia, what are you doing? Keep your hands to your—Synthia! Synthia!
Blade: *sly smirk* Go Howard.

This is supposed to be the strong female Captain we have been pining after for so long so why are they writing her as horny, desperate slattern who pines after a technological dildo posing as a bit of rough? ... When Janeway starts personalising her dildo to her own specifications I was literally speechless. How would this have gone down if it had been Sisko up to the same antics by making modifications to his Orion slave girl? The breasts a little larger, making her more submissive and open her up to a wider range of filthy scenarios – he would be written off as an iniquitous, chauvinistic tosspot! Well I don’t buy that it is any less offensive that a woman should be perfecting a man to take to her bed – we are supposed to be in female emancipated times you know, and that means they have to take the same sorts of criticisms as men as well as the good stuff. This is not characterising a strong woman, its sheer tawdriness is quite the reverse and it feels like we have stepped back in time 50 years in that respect. And then to have dirty laundry exposed so publicly by her blow up man? Ugh when Janeway pointed out that Michael Sullivan was exactly her type and they had the same interests I realised she has made a male version of herself! Janeway is literally pleasing herself! Excuse me a moment…bleugh… It took Janeway three days in the holodeck to realise that it is all an illusion (quick thinking there, Kathy).
Doc Oho on Star Trek: Voyager, "Fair Haven"

Chris: Uzi, just off the top of your head, what percentage of the episodes that we’ve seen have had Clark sort of passively held down and straight up mounted by a lady character?
David: …100% of the historical ones, I think.
Chris: Yeah, and it’s like you said. Zatanna hits him with some magic to take away his ability to resist, and before you can say “esrever lrigwoc,” she’s in his lap working like a part-time job.
David: Man of Steel, Woman of Nylon.
Chris: I will say, I like Smallville's version of Identity Crisis way better than the original. We got a million of ‘em, folks!
—Chris Sims andDavid Uzumeri on Smallville ("Warrior")

Zatanna is a criminally insane person ripped from the pages of a Christopher Pike novel. Or she's the real Mxyzptlk. That is a retcon that I would find acceptable. Either way, since Clark is locking people away in the Phantom Zone lately, he should probably send Zatanna an invite post haste. This is now the second time she's magically roofied Clark. If the roles were reversed and Ollie was running around dosing women, I would guess that we'd see some outrage.
Julian Finn on Smallville, "Fortune"

"Two college students, one male, one female, get liquored up past the point where either of them can reasonably consent to sex, but they have sex anyway. Technically, they both just committed rape. Technically, they are both rape victims. Amazingly, you'll never see the female student accused of such, or put on trial as such, or expelled from school as such, despite the fact that she had sex with a man who was too drunk to consent. She raped him, and walks away without even a slap on the wrist. That's what I mean when I talk about double standards."
Karen Straughan, Girl Writes What