Quotes: Dethroning Moment of Suck

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Mike: This is... this is... this is the worst thing ever. It's so illogical, so cartoony, so...
Jay: Yeah, I remember the cartoon making more sense than this.
Half in the Bag riffs the Ghostbusters II Statue of Liberty sequence

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If you love Star Wars and comedy, then this is like watching scientists saw your wife in half. A part of you dies with her, and that magic trick is ruined forever.

Remember that scene in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace when Qui-Gon sat Anakin down and told him about the intelligent midi-chlorian symbionts that live in everybody’s cells and were the physiological basis for the Force? And remember the strange heavy, cold feeling in your gut as the movie layered all that unnecessary pseudo-biological nonsense on top of something that had once seemed mysterious, magical, and fun? Well, that feeling was your enteric nervous system.

Up until then, I'd always been in with audiences that had a percentage of people who liked the movie... Or, if the majority did think the movie was bad, they just communicated their disappointment by silently shuffling out of the theater like pallbearers. My Highlander II audience, though, was actively disliking the movie. During the love scene, people were groaning and shouting derisive remarks. And when the credits rolled, they didn't just boo, there was a collective growl. I could see the ushers quickly excusing themselves for an extended cigarette break, far, far away from here.

Star Trek: Voyager was so insanely, teeth-grindingly terrible it nearly killed the entire Star Trek franchise (and space opera, arguably, as well) forever. Even Jeri Ryan in a lycra suit couldn't redeem this atrocity, which took every annoying tic and quirk and cringe-inducing faux pas of every Star Trek episode ever and built a series around it.

This is one of the worst ever Trek episodes because it treats its audience as absolute morons, it thinks we are all continuity obsessed inbreds who will take sloppy romantic sputum over an intelligently written comedy. Once upon a time Q featured in knockout comedies such as "Deja Q" and "Tapestry" but his day is clearly over – this is his worst appearance by some margin and it is irritating as hell to watch.
Joe Ford on Star Trek: Voyager, "The Q And the Grey"

What this story does is doom Colin Baker’s tenure as the Doctor and, in doing so, ensure the show’s cancellation. In this regard it is the single story most destructive to Doctor Who. Never mind Michael Foot. At 100 minutes, this is the longest suicide note in history.
Dr. Phil Sandifer on Doctor Who ("The Twin Dilemma")

What more can be said about this shambles? It is categorically and undeniably the worst episode of Red Dwarf – rooted to the bottom of the list, and miles away from its nearest rival. If Derby County’s 2007-08 Premier League campaign was an episode of a science-fiction sit-com, this would be it. In a year where we’re supposed to be celebrating everything good about Red Dwarf, let’s just be thankful that when there’s an episode as bad as this, it sticks out so much that the decision to put it in last place was shared by sixty-seven people – by far the highest amount, by a factor of 39.
Ganymede and Titan's round-up of "Pete, Part 2" in the Silver Survey Poll. note 

I can say with no exaggeration that the sixteenth Goosebumps book ruined the series. There were bad novels before it, and there would be good ones after it, but nothing prior to One Day At HorrorLand exhibits what would steadily become a trademark of the series: complete and utter contempt for the audience.

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No Director's Cut and no fan edit could restore any semblance of dignity to this egregious pile of shame. Beastmaster 2 single-handedly torpedoed a once-promising sword & sorcery movie franchise and turned a cult favorite into a punchline. It was cheaper, dumber, and far more annoying; a complete betrayal of Don Coscarelli's original classic by relocating the Beastmaster into modern Los Angeles. It's so bad you can't even get it on DVD. I mean, Highlander 2? Pfft, no problem. But this? Sheeeeet.
Noah Antwiler on Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time

Hopes were high that Star Wars could be saved. Maybe we'd all look back on The Phantom Menace as being "that really bad one." But what you didn't realize was how fucking wrong you were. You couldn't have imagined that even with all the cool Star Wars-y stuff that Attack of the Clones could actually be worse than The Phantom Menace. That it could be the worst thing since bagpipes! It was at that moment when you left the theater that you learned to never trust your own judgment again; to live the rest of your life plagued with doubt and mistrust of everything, and everyone. You didn't realize that the nightmare of your own life had just begun.
Mr. Plinkett, Red Letter Media