Quotes / Determined Defeatist

When I was born I got my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck, both arms and one of my ankles. Mom said there came a point when the doctors stopped delivering me and just started laughing. I mean, if I ever let being bad at something stop me, I wouldn't even be here. That thing some men call 'failure', I call living, breakfast. And I'm not leaving till I've cleaned out the buffet.

The reason why I'm so useless. I try even though I know I can't do anything right. Even when I said I wouldn't try anymore, I kept on trying anyway.
Miranda Lotto, D.Gray-Man

Vulcan Raven: It's clear now. Snake will kill me. That's why I can't see any further into the future. [...] If I must die I will face it with peace in my heart rather than bitter rebellion.
Sprit Guide:...you're still going to fight Snake though, right?
Vulcan Raven: Oh hell yes.

Certainty of death? Small chance of success? ...What are we waiting for?

You might be bad at everything you try, but at least you're turning out to be pretty bad at giving up.
Katia, Prequel

She fights even though there is no hope.
Kyubey, on Homura, Puella Magi Madoka Magica

In the sweetest child there's a vicious streak
In the strongest man there's a child so weak
In the whole wide world there's no magic place
So you might as well rise, put on your bravest face
Rush, "Bravest Face"

There's a vulture on my shoulder
And he's telling me to give in
Always hissing right in my ear
Like it's coming from my own head
It's got me mixed up
Trying not to give up
Tell me there's a way to get out of here
Fixed at zero.
Versaemerge, "Fixed At Zero"

What is your duty? To look the universe in the face and then spit in its eye. To die with a curse on your lips and your finger on the trigger. To know that you are doomed, but try anyway.

A trifling victory... but a victory nonetheless.
The Ancestor, Darkest Dungeon