Quotes / Detonation Moon

"Where's the moon? Where's the damn moon?!"


"Take that, moon! Perfect orbit, my ass!"

"There's a way dope zero-G battle on the Moon. Lan Di uses the Phoenix Mirror to blow up the moon, killing Ryo and totally messing up the tides forever."
Yu Suzuki, describing Shenmue's ending, in a video by Mega64

Cale: [horrified] You. Blew. Up. A. Moon.
Richard: [waiting for a high five] I blew up a moon!

Their songs are on the whole very simple, and mostly follow the familiar theme of boy-being meets girl-being beneath a silvery moon, which then explodes for no adequately explored reason.

"Thank you very much. We have an announcement to make- uh, on July 4th of this year, America will blow up the moon.''
NASA Representative, Mr. Show

"With or without the EMP, the outcome is inevitable, Logan. But my, my... there seems some fight left in this new Alliance of yours. A prolonged war with Earth would be much too costly in Shadoen lives, so I believe another demonstration is in order. Target their moon... and blow it out of the sky."

Poor old moon. With a good half of it torn into dust and the rest of it suffering severe damage to its atomic bonds... it didn't really have a chance once an Indian god had decided to throw an Iranian devil at it.
Reddin, Supergod