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"At last she saw past superficialities to understand that it was Santa, with his warm and loyal heart, who was the real man - not cobalt-eyed, washboard-abbed Blade at all! Santa Claus was always her best friend - could he be something more?"
"Also, the image of Agent Smith slithering up and down Patrick Stewart's body, snake-style, is one that will haunt us until the end of our days, thanks so much."

"Do you hear the fandoms sing,
Sing about love that isn't there,
Between the people that we know will never lay their feelings bare."
Do You Hear The Fandoms Sing?

"Like if Hulk were dating Peppermint Patty!"
Howard Wolowitz, The Big Bang Theory

Anonymous: Gl'bgolyb and Snowman, Rose and Wayward Vagabond, and then the Summoner's Horns and the Sufferer's/Signless's abs.
Aradia Megido: d0 y0u see these ships here
theyre y0urs
all y0urs
pr0bably 0nly y0urs

"But then again, people would also ship things like Colonel Sassacre and the pogo ride in John's backyard. Do you know why? Because I made the mistake of including them both in the same story."
Andrew Hussie, Homestuck Book Two

"We love the fan fic and fan art. Although the ones where Tobias and Harry Potter screw, I'm just not sure about those. I'm just not sure raptor-wizard sex is advisable."

"I know. I KNOW. We could never be, right? Dragon and Spirit Healer... two different worlds! Not to mention the physiological problems. But you're wrong. We have a deeper connection than that. Anara and I, we're involved."
Azuregos, World of Warcraft

"There's a ship for everything. If someone told me Josephine got shipped with Rajih, I am not surprised."
A comment on the Evillious Chronicles Wiki

Have you actually read Cardcaptor Sakura? There’s some f**ked up s**t in that. If you read the manga, that it’s based on, there’s a 30 year-old who’s engaged to an 8 year-old. The same people who made Cardcaptor Sakura made a manga that I really liked in middle school called X1999, which is a terrible movie but an okay anime. The comic got canceled halfway through, and I checked out Cardcaptor Sakura, and found out that the way I think these ladies who wrote it write romance is that they have a dartboard that they write everyone’s name on, and they have darts that they write everyone’s name on, and then they blindfold themselves and then they throw them at the dartboard.

I am sure we have all wondered how an erotic encounter between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader would play out...
— Blurb of WhatTheFanfic community

"You took my daughter from me. Now you will give me another one," said the Summer Queen.