Quotes / Beware the Superman

"According to the word of God, the meek would someday inherit the earth. Someday. But God never accounted for the mighty."
Norman McCay, Kingdom Come

"In a month he'll have as much in common with us as we'd have with a ship full of white mice."
Spock on Gary Mitchell, Star Trek: The Original Series ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")

"We have a rogue Slayer on our hands. I can't think of anything more dangerous."
Rupert Giles after Faith Lehane is exposed as The Mole for Mayor Wilkins, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"The universe needs a protector—a real Guardian to right these wrongs. Time for a new start. Clean slate. A re-made universe. My universe. Who knows? Maybe one world... one universe—won't be enough."
Green Lantern Hal Jordan, Zero Hour!

"Call me a pessimist if you must, but in my mind, had we superhumans among us the world would surely be reduced to a wasteland within months. I'm not a big believer in the good of humanity, I guess. Sure, the current doom and gloom around us plays heavily into my bleak worldview, but this mindset isn't a new one for me. I don't see much altruism in the average man's heart and never have. It's just not in our reptilian/monkey-brain programming. It's all about me-me-me for the average Joe. Everyone has an agenda, and most everyone has a selfish motivation behind his or her actions. If you randomly bestowed superpowers on our population, you'd give these flawed minds the power to inflict their agendas on the world. There are few among us who would stand up to the task of managing the great responsibility that would come with this great power. Sure, there would be pure-hearted and ethical men and women who would try to sway this, but I believe the sheer number of the corrupted would overwhelm them..."
Rick Remender, The End League

"The enemy landed on the twelfth day of the harvest. Our armies were crushed on the third month. For three weeks of slavery, we prayed for the Emperor's Angels to save us. On the fourth week, some of us stopped praying. On the eleventh month, only I and a few others prayed. Then the Angels came. Now we pray that they never return."
—Unknown, on the Space Marines; Warhammer 40,000

What is it that makes us Astartes?

Our augmentations and battlegear are as nothing compared to the mas­tering of our own fears. It is this that places us above the human race.
The Catechisms Martial, Warhammer 40,000

"We are Exalted. I have been singled out and empowered by the gods. Specifically, by Luna. Endowed with the power to change my own form, and the responsibility to protect the entire world from its enemies. All Exalted are stronger, tougher, even smarter than any normal human. If we will it so, we do not even bleed. Even the greatest sickness gives me only chills, and the most grievous wounds are healed in mere days. Mortal men and women are bound by society, by culture, by destiny. We are not. It is not my place to follow the normal rules of conduct. It is my place to decide what is right or wrong. That has been granted to me by my goddess, Luna. The Moon. In short, in being Exalted, I have divine endorsement to do whatever I please."
Mareena, Keychain of Creation

Lo, I teach you the Superman: he is that lightning, he is that frenzy!
Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

"We've lost their trust. The people are afraid of us. Power corrupts, after all, and who has more power than Superman!?"
—The Brainiac/Lex Luthor android version of Justice Lord Superman

Batman: As individuals and even more so as a group the Justice League is far too dangerous to lack a fail safe against any possible misuse of our power.
Wonder Woman: We use our power to protect the world and always have.
Batman: And what if we ever used it for some other purpose?
Superman: We would never do that to you.
Batman: Then you're damn fools.

Injustice Superman: I am this world's savior. I protect it.
Superman: That's what happening out there? Protection?
Injustice Superman: Disobedient children will be punished.
Superman: Children? We're not gods. We don't decide who lives and who dies.
Injustice Superman: The decision is mine! It became mine when Joker turned me into a weapon of mass destruction!
Superman: I know what you lost.
Injustice Superman: And you judge me? After I've killed you, I'll bring Lois here. When she sees how I've perfected this world, she'll-
Superman: She'll be afraid and disgusted!
Injustice Superman: She'll be alive!
Superman: Lois' death doesn't justify-
Injustice Superman: He stole her from me!
Superman: And you stole this planet's freedom. It's time to give it back.

"Count the dead: thousands of people. What's next: millions? He has the power to wipe out the entire human race, and if we believe there's even a 1% chance that he is our enemy we have to take it as an absolute certainty."

"You might win this war. You might kill all those who tried to stop you. But everyone will...know what you are now. They'll know you're...you're not their savior. The whole world...will fear you.

Phir Sē: I have been doing this for ten years. I admire you for retaining your…
Weaver: Idealism?
Phir Sē: Not a word I’m familiar with, Weaver. Faith?
Weaver: Faith works.
Phir Sē: I have none left, after ten years. No faith. We are a wretched, petty species, and we have been given power to destroy ourselves with.

I tried so hard to be there for you. To serve you. I tried so hard to make sense of you and what you needed from me. I wanted to be there. I wanted to serve. But then it occurred to me - I asked myself the incredibly obvious question: why am I so much more than you? Why are you so small and I am so much more? I then realized that I am not your servant. I am your king. ... You anger me. You confuse me. And I will have no more of it. No more. I have control over your life. I have control over your existence. I always have. You will live the way I want you to live. You will be the way I want you to be. And I will bathe in the blood of those who dare to contradict me.
Supershock (a Superman analogue), Powers

Ching: Perhaps I can transfer the powers you took from Superman back to him!
Superman: No! I've seen the dangers having too much power... I am human — I can make mistakes!

Come on... It's not like everyone with super powers is a complete jerk... [...] Okay... See... He's not everybody. Some people are jerks no matter what. But that doesn't mean that we're suddenly going to be treated differently just because we don't have super powers.

"I've seen this raw strength only once before, in Kylo Ren. It didn't scare me enough then. It does now."
Luke Skywalker regarding Rey, The Last Jedi

Kryptonians could survive in space without a suit. Was that not a pleasure? It certainly was. She could live her life between the stars, and never once need to breathe.
She could devastate planets, wipe them clean of life. Rebuild them at her whim.
She could tyrannize worlds, whole systems of planets, make them bow to her mighty hand, instantly execute anyone who dared protest—or just anybody she wanted to kill.
She could explore pleasures of the body that Kara never would have dared to, satisfy lusts that the blonde beast never even knew she had. She could force herself upon any suitor, male or female or whatever, and destroy them after their job was done. Or perhaps just maim them, so that they could never again do such a job for anyone else. Satan Girl smiled. Now that was being imaginative...
She could have children from those couplings, or kill them in the womb.
She could become a goddess to an unsophisticated planet's people. Drinking in their worship, demanding sacrifice.
All of this she could do, she would do, and more.
For Kryptonians and Daxamites were gods, off their homeworlds. They really were. What a pity their morality forced them not to realize that fact.
She clasped her bent knees to her chest and thought. The problem was, in this time, she was hardly unique. Billions of Kryptonians existed on Rokyn. Billions more Daxamites, with the same power, existed on Daxam. Luckily, there was only one prisoner still left in the Phantom Zone, that old poop Gazor, so there wasn't much competition there.
But, somehow, she'd have to do something about both planets. Daxam would be easy. A shower of leaden hail across its surface, and the dead would litter the ground in heaps beyond Hitler's and Stalin's dreams.
That world would stink of corpses for eons to come.
She laughed soundlessly.