Podcast / The Endless Night

A monthly science fiction audio drama Podcast, produced and distributed by An Art Lawful Productions, that both honors and subverts the classic Space Opera genre. The series itself has been canceled due to changes in the creator's life, though it's been continued with a series of (apparent) prequel novels, which the link above now leads to.

The Endless Night follows the rough-and-tumble crew of the interstellar cargo freighter, The Unconstant Lover. Unlike similar premises aboard Star Trek’s Enterprise or Firefly’s Serenity, the crew of the Lover are successful pirates, hardened criminals and remorseless murderers. The show gleefully subverts the ethics of traditional space opera, detailing the criminal exploits of the ship’s somewhat hapless crew as they raid, pillage and plunder across the galaxy.

The show keeps a delicate balance between comedy and drama and is set in a grim and bloody galaxy ruled by The Endless Empire. Most of the show’s episodes, thus far, deal with the crew’s employment under the terrorist faction known as the Watchers of the Dawn. Subplots mostly center on the often rough inter-crew relations.

Notable characters include the impulsive, rash and thrill-seeking Captain Nemo; his dour, mirthless bounty hunter first mate Moira Quicksilver; the mercenary and untrustworthy cut-purse Flask; the big furry otter-like mechanic Odisseus; the reluctant, kidnapped navigator Bel 8, the sexy automated weapon system "Ishmael"; and the personality-less, nearly robotic six-year-old Gideon.

This show provides examples of: