Our Vampires Are Different: Fanfic

  • Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way of My Immortal is a vampire, but it doesn't seem to affect her much except for being Immune to Bullets, being pale, drinking blood, and having a liking for Count Chocula cereal. She does dislike the word "cross" to the extent that on one occasion she types it "c-r-o-s-s" and on other occasions changes it to "pentagram", as in "She looked like a pentagram of Lindsey Lohan and Hillary Duff", but on one occasion she still wears cross-shaped earrings. Apparently she could be killed with a "steak." (She had better not go to any barbeques.) Harry "Vampire" Potter might or might not also be a vampire.
  • Vampires in the Watchmen/Dracula Fusion Fic Bram Stoker's Ozymandias can sleep in beds, shapeshift, and go out in daylight, but they age pretty badly and leak Tears of Blood in sunlight if they're underfed.
  • Thirty Hs features "astral vampires", which dwell in space and are able to bite even when only their heads remain. Harry Potter punches their heads off and throws them back in time to the planet Mars, where they bite cavemen, and so now there are vampire cavemen on Mars.
  • A Growing Affection has a blood-drinker demon clan, that drinks Human blood to increase their powers and enslave the people they feed on. Doraku (the only representative of his clan seen) dislikes being called a vampire but admits his clan is the source of the vampire myths.
  • Fluttershy in Nosflutteratu doesn't burst into flames when exposed to sunlight. It does weaken her though. Her vampiric nature is also the in universe explanation for The Stare. The idea that vampires don't have reflections or cast shadows is just a myth though.