Nightmare Fuel / Streets of Rage

Taking on The Syndicate with nothing more than your bare hands along with the occasional lead pipe and 2x4 is all well and good, but sometimes the streets of rage can lead our heroes (and the players) into the alleyways of terror.

  • Stage 3 in the second game. Everything's normal until a certain section in Stage 3. Then you walk through an entryway decorated with teeth and eyes and find yourself in some dark, Gigeresque room with eggs containing evil-looking larval creatures scattered around that explode when struck, and you have to fight some giant demonic head called Vehelits in order to pass. Even granted the level's Amusement Park of Doom theme, this is straight-up weird. In the remake, if you sprint in this area, you can hear some unsettling squishing sounds as your character runs.
  • The second encounter with Mr. X in Streets of Rage 3. After beating up his goons, he starts laughing and his body spontaneously combusts, revealing a Terminator-esque fake and proceeds to kick your ass. The real Mr. X is in laboratory with his brain being preserved in a jar, while controlling a combat robot for the final battle (if you rescued the General in time).
  • The premise of the very first game: A city taken over by The Syndicate to the point where even the police, who are supposed to protect the citizens, are corrupted. Police corruption, be it by organized crime or otherwise, unfortunately, exists in real life.