Funny: Streets of Rage

The Fan Remake

  • As soon as you reach the end of the first motorcycle level, the pickup truck carrying a Donovan Mook that was harassing you crashes into a cargo truck. As a result, it loses a wheel and the said Donovan gets sent smashing into its back window head-first.
  • Similar one is when you have to smash your way through some walls and another Donovan mook try to run you over with a bulldozer. At the end of the level, there is a steel pillar that finally gets between you and the bulldozer. The bulldozer will crash into it and the impact sends a barrel rolling down from the above level, and knocking the mook out.
  • Cody appears as a Unique Enemy.
  • In a fanmade mod for the remake called H.U.N.T.E.R, your team gets drugged in one of the routes, and proceeds to get high off their rockers, with all the weird stuff accompanying it which includes such Lampshade Hanging such as how no matter what missions the mod gives you, it all boils down to you beating the crap out the enemies, and how they're all being controlled all the time by someone. At the end of that route, it's revealed that you have, in your doped-out-of-your-mind state, beaten up the punks in the entire building, and damaged this particular organization so badly that even though the Big Bad escapes, the organization has no hope of ever getting back on its feet.
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