Fridge / Streets of Rage

Fridge Logic
  • Mr X has a habit of presumably being killed, but then coming back to life. But who's to say that each Mr X we have seen, is the real one? As Streets Of Rage 3/Bare Knuckle 3 has shown, Mr X CAN make a Robot X duplicate of himself as a decoy if he wants to, and after his defeat at the end of Streets Of Rage 2 we see that his actual body was so badly damaged from before, that the true Mr X was delegated to just a brain in a jar. But yet Mr X was beaten in the aftermath of Streets Of Rage 1, then turned up again completely fine in Streets Of Rage 2. Then it hit me, the Mr X in Streets Of Rage 1 was a Robot X, the one we see in Streets Of Rage 2 was the first true Mr X.

Fridge Horror