Awesome: Streets of Rage

The Original Games

  • The climatic battle in 3, against a hovering robot and racing against the clock to beat it. Given the higher default difficulty for non-Japanese versions, you WILL feel awesome when you get the good ending (by beating the boss before time runs out).

The Fan Remake and Fan Mods

  • The Fan Remake deserves mention here, as much effort has been put into it, and it is generally praised as a worthy successor. Even Sega gave it a subtle thumbs-up, seeing as how they issued the cease-and-desist order only after allowing the remake to circulate around the Internet for some time.
  • The "nude Blaze" mod for 2 is one for Blaze, seeing as how she kicks ass while showing her own (and more), and no one in-universe gives two hoots about her nudity.