Funny: Street Pass Mii Plaza

  • Occasionally the wandering heroes or mercenaries will trip upon leaving. Oh the setbacks of having Raymanian Limbs...
  • In the final battle against Gold Bone in Mii Force, he fires a beam that needs to be dodged. There is enough power for three charges, but he confidently tells his minions that he'll only need two. After two beams are evaded, he goes to fire a third... The laser does not fire. Turns out his minions took him at his word when he said he only needed two and used the last bit of that energy to heat a kettle.
    • Some of the cutscenes between Gold Bone and his crew member are pretty funny. One example is after finishing the first planet, Leisura. After the crew member reports most of the rest of the crew went on shore leave, Gold Bone asks why he did nothing to stop them.
    Crew member: "Heh. It kinda slipped my mind."
  • The weapons in Battleground Z. Using fancy clothes, boom boxes, pop-up books, and other strange items are funny on their own. The charged attacks often crank up the silly factor.