Funny / StreetPass Mii Plaza

  • Occasionally the wandering heroes or mercenaries will trip upon leaving. Oh the setbacks of having Floating Limbs...
  • Mii Force:
    • Some of the cutscenes between Gold Bone and his crew member are pretty funny. One example is after finishing the first planet, Leisura. After the crew member reports most of the rest of the crew went on shore leave, Gold Bone asks why he did nothing to stop them.
      Crew member: "Heh. It kinda slipped my mind."
    • In the final battle against Gold Bone, he fires a beam that needs to be dodged. There is enough power for three charges, but he confidently tells his minions that he'll only need two. After two beams are evaded, he goes to fire a third... The laser does not fire. Turns out his minions took him at his word when he said he only needed two and used the last bit of that energy to heat a kettle.
  • The weapons in Battleground Z. Using fancy clothes, boom boxes, pop-up books, and other strange items are funny on their own. The charged attacks often crank up the silly factor.
  • Some of the cutscenes featuring Coraline's father in Ultimate Angler are good for laughs.
    • When you succeed in catching Nessie for the first time:
      Coraline: Dad! DAD! Check it out! [Player's name] just caught Nessie! And I was JUST thinking there hadn't been any news about Nessie in a while.
      Coraline's dad: I would have assumed it was a new species, but it matches the accounts of past Nessie sightings perfectly. The only possible explanation... is that there's some sort of time-space portal linking our waters to Scotland!
      Coraline: Um... Not sure that's SUPER-sound science there, Dad...
    • Reel in a Dragon for the first time, and you get this exchange:
      Coraline: Dad! DAD! Check it out! [Player's name] just caught a... Well... It looks like a dragon?!
      Coraline's dad: I'd say... that most definitely... could be a dragony thing of some kind...
      Coraline: Daaad! Is that REALLY the best you could come up with?!
      Coraline's dad: Crying cuttlefish, Coraline! I'm a marine biologist, not some sort of a... a... dragonologist!
    • When you land the Kraken for the first time:
      Coraline: Dad! DAD! Check it out! [Player's name] just caught the Kraken!
      Coraline's dad: Indeed it is, Coraline. A mighty fine cephalopod specimen, if I do say so myself.
      Coraline: ...Huh?! I can't believe you can be so calm and scientific at a time like this. I mean, it's a SEA MONSTER!
      Coraline's dad: Well, my research HAS advanced a fair bit lately. I can see the scientific side of all sorts of new marvels! Why, I expect I'll figure out how to explain something like THIS through solid logic any day now. (turns to player) Yep, aaaany day now. (cough)
  • Any software that isn't SPMP itself can qualify as a Mii's last-played game, even if it's non-game software. It's not uncommon to meet Miis who tell you that they've been playing "System Settings" or "Health & Safety Information" recently.