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While the series runs primarily on Rule of Funny, that isn't to say that it can't also give the audience the jibblies.

Remember, this page is for describing general sources of Nightmare Fuel.
  • Homestar Runner no doubt intended to capture this intentionally with Marshie. The Homestar Runner Wiki describes Marshie as "the genuinely alarming mascot for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows", and several cartoons have featured fake commercials starring Marshie that are downright creepy, featuring "non-sequitur rantings, disturbing close-ups, inappropriate sound effects, faintly desperate pleas and even a behind-the-scenes nervous breakdown". Strong Bad put it best: "I really think those Marshie commercials ought to be rated NC-17" (Needlessly Creepy Times 17).
    • Then there's Gel-arshie, the mascot for a gelatin dessert made by the Fluffy-Puff company. Gel-arshie is a translucent, bright red version of Marshie with a distorted voice and a floating visible brain in his center.
    Gel-arshie: I'M AN ABOMINATION! And I'm coming to your house after schoooool!
  • Then, there's episode 5 of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, in which Gel-arshie is part of Strong Bad's party. Creepy Mascot + More screen time = New levels of Nightmare Fuel. Even worse, he's REQUIRED in order to beat the final boss.
    Gel-arshie: Hey kids! I'm Gel-Arshie and I'm in your house! You tired old snacks can-AHH! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY LEGS?!
    • You summon him by rigging the villain to shoot point-giving fruit instead of ammo. This results in a Kill Screen that brings Gel-arshie into the real world. It even parodies The Ring when he jerks forward, causing Strong Bad to scream and fall back.
    • And really, who can forget his other Jump Scare moments? Such as when a crate of his product used to turn a pool into gelatin and Strong Bad sings the commercial jingle, only for-
    Gel-arshie: DON'T SING MY SONG!
    Strong Bad: *screams*
  • Marshie's counterpart in the "Old-Timey" Alternate Universe, Mr. Shmallow, is slightly less distressing ("Look lively. Look lively!"). At the end of the "Fluffy-Puff Air-Puffed Sugar Delights" commercial, Homestar comments, "That monster's gonna give me nightmares."
  • "Marxie" (seen on main page 26) is also fairly unsettling, with flashing eyes, a furious expression and a semi-exposed brain. It doesn't help, either, that Marxie explodes soon after his appearance.
  • What may take the cake on Marshie's general horror is an easter egg from Strong Bad Email 149- Marshie in vapor form.
    Vapor Marshie: Youuuuu can't destroyyyy meeee!
  • The off-key singing at the end of the Fluffy-Puff Marshmellows commercials was very unnerving even before Marshie was thrown into the mix.
  • Since Homestar Runner has such a basis in the creators' childhood, it's not surprising that some within-series examples of this would crop up. A young Strong Sad was apparently terrified of his neighbor, Senor Cardgage ("He was extremely sketchy and gave me nightmares!"), and Strong Bad gets "the jibblies" at the sight of That Horrible Painting That's Been in Strong Mad's Closet Ever Since We Were Little ("Come on in heeeeeeeere....."), as well as The Little Chef Guy. Homsar himself is a rather unnerving character, seeing as he is a mutated, stunted in-universe parody of Homestar Runner. Though really, Homsar's meant to be that. He was made by a misspelling of "Homestar" in Sbemail #2, so it'd make perfect sense that he'd be weird.
    • And in episode 2 of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, We hear Homsar's actual voice, and learn what he's actually like behind all the non-sequitur ramblings. Weird, mutated Nightmare Fuel he ain't.
    • Speaking of That Horrible Painting, the 2007 Halloween episode, "Jibblies 2" certainly did it for many viewers. The premise is genuinely creepy, what with everyone being hypnotized by the painting, Strong Bad wildly convulsing and bouncing all over the room and up against the ceiling, and finally Homestar entering the Horrible Painting itself - though the fact that the demon finally has a friend and will no longer be evil (and Homestar's adorable Artie The Strongest Man In The World costume) softens the blow a bit.
      • Though the Easter eggs literally save it, especially Homsar's.
      PAINTING: Come on in heeeere!
      HOMSAR: Iiii'm a touchy-feely holic!
      PAINTING: Jibblie jibblie jibblie!
      • There's another easter egg saving the special.
      STRONG SAD: "Original" and "Horror movies"? Not these days...
  • The Drive-Thru Whale is a surreal drive-thru speaker known for showing up out of nowhere and spouting crackly non-sequiturs, usually revolving around self-mutilation ("Sever your leg, please. It's the greatest day."), with the implication that it actually eats anyone who actually complies with its requests. If it weren't funny as hell, it would be terrifying.
    • The first episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, "Homestar Ruiner", not only features the Drive-Thru Whale but gives it more dialogue than all of its previous appearances combined, mixing the Whale's typical hilarious nonsense ("Would you like monkeys with that?") with a dash of Paranoia Fuel ("Please smile for the Blubb-o's satellite camera!") and at least one insinuation of fiery destruction ("When the End Times come, we will all dance the Conga of the Apocalypse!").
      • Well, more like Foreshadowing, when you get to the "end times" of the game and you have to kick everyone out by inciting a conga line.
  • And in the Strong Bad Email "licensed", Papa Cardgage's Puddin' Patch and the Strong Bad gellular pop.
    • The fact that Senor Cardgage sings both call and response to his song is somehow immensely comforting, as it suggests that he is alone in the building. Or maybe that's his Madness Mantra...Yikes!
      Where is Tompkins? Where is coleslaw? Here I am...
      • There's a body outline in chalk nearby.
      • And there's a painting of a more realistic Senor Cardgage on the side of the building as well, along with the phrase "I take kids."
    • The email ends when Homestar turns up with shards of glass embedded in his bleeding face.
      • Of course, that mess was still his best birthday ever. So either everything else was f**king awesome, or Homestar has some seriously crappy birthdays.
  • Trudgemank is saved from being absolute Nightmare Fuel only by the timely intervention of Peacey P.
  • Also, Main Page #25 not only features another appearance by Marshie, but also features a somewhat disturbing appearance by a seriously off Homestar Runner puppet called "The Exact Same". There is something strangely frightening about the ensuing exchange, especially how The Exact Same's mouth doesn't move:
    The Exact Same: "The store."
    Homestar: "Who are you?"
    The Exact Same: "Well, I am the exact same."
    • Shark-Tooth Bubs has an equally unnerving quality to him.
  • The Strong Bad Email "disconnected" features the not-quite regenerated versions of "Head Bad" and "Strong Body". "Euw! Go away, Head-Nub and Nub-Head!"
  • The main page shown above features Pom-Pom as a ghost, and Homestar and Strong Bad as zombies. Defused somewhat when Strong Bad's head falls off and rolls away.
    Zombie Strong-Bad: "I come back from the dead, to ta-* head starts leaning* whoa-oa! * head rolls away* holy craaaap..."
    • And when you roll your cursor over "Toons," worms come out of H* R's mouth * shudder*
  • Then, there's Marshie's bit at the beginning of "retirement"...
    "Just e-mail who you think done it on a 3x5 postcard, stick a Fluffy Puff on each corner, and just walk away, Mother..."
  • And don't forget Sweet Puttin' Cakes, the very deranged miniature golf course from "mini-golf". "Every bit as messed up as the cartoon on which it's based", indeed.
  • The sbemail "virus".
  • The Poopsmith hissing in the Halloween toon "Pumpkin Carve-nival".
  • Strong Bad's pickled, talking corpse in the sbemail "Your Funeral."
    Zombie Strong Bad: Sorry, everybody. Funeral's over. Not even death can stop me from stopping my leotarded brother prancing around in my honor.
    Strong Sad: But you never got to see my Chaup au Fan!
    Zombie Strong Bad: You keep your chappy thong to yourself, mister.
  • The Dongrel torso in Thy Dungeonman III. That thing should go back to the Silent Hill universe where it belongs.
  • The Powered by the Cheat music video "Crystal Fortress" features some darn creepy imagery (The unicorn horns sprouting out of stuff— Squick...).
  • In Punkin Show, there was the Homestar pumpkin. Not quite high octane, but Homestar did mention that it may be unsuitable to children.
  • The end of "being mean" features Strong Bad's drawing of a nasty-looking shark. While the design can be a bit cheap in appearance, it expresses a desire to eat the sender's kids.
  • Doomy Tales of the Macabre, while mostly a Black Comedy, did cross the line a few times. Strong Mad eating The Cheat, the King of Town drowning to death (though he enjoyed it), Pom Pom exploding and relaxing a gas that kills the Poopsmith, Bubs' severed head, ONION BUBS TALKING, Homestar gaining too many knees, and, of course, the Uncanny Valley human hands. Strong Sad's costume and the Nothing Is Scarier intro did not help.
    • It's kind of nullified by (a) the awesome costumes (STRONGBADASSKULLKIDOMG) and (b) everyone's various reactions to their deaths, some of which are hilarious.
      • Nullified a bit when Strong Bad cuts in to say that's actually how they bathe The Cheat.
      Strong Bad: That's not macab-er! Strong Mad eats the Cheat like, four times a day! How do you think we give him baths?
    • What a totally unfrightening Zelda moon... I'm terrified...
    • Not to mention Strong Sad, one of the nicer characters in the show, is fantasizing about killing his friends because they didn't come to his party! Talk about serious Hidden Depths!
  • At the end of this Decemberween toon, we see Homsar half-dead in a snowbank.
    • His expression helped *add to the shock value* a lot.
    • And then, to compensate for their lack of a Halloween toon that year, The Brothers Chaps released a cartoon where all of the main characters appeared, "got their weens mixed up" and dressed up in Christmas-related costumes. All except Homsar.
      • Nullified by the fact that one was JUST the costumes part. The costumes come at the end of every Halloween toon, and Homsar usually only appeared if you activate his easter egg during the toon. Since there is no toon, there is no Easter egg, meaning no Homsar.
  • In "Bug in Mouth Disease", Homestar goes to see Bubs about his swallowed bug problem. Before he arrives, there's a shot of Bubs burning a manilla envelope labeled "Exhibit A", which he quickly hides when Homestar shows up. After "examining" him, Bubs tells Homestar that he has no pancreas, but "luckily", he happens to have a fresh one on him- inside a cooler labeled "Exhibit B". It's not hard to figure out what's going on here: Bubs is involved in organ trafficking.
    • The SBCG4AP series confirms this.
  • There's also Strong Bad's little psychotic laughing fit at the end of "isp". Not helped is that the camera jump cuts closer to his face as he laughs.
  • The Body Horror present when Homestar gets stuck in the water cooler in "4 Branches".
  • The voice actor for Blue Laser Commander is revealed in one cartoon. Let's just say he looks like a pastel green Crypt-Keeper with bloodshot eyes.
  • "Let Us Give Tanks" gives us Gunhaver's treatment of the Green Helmets, where he only uses them to make small talk while they're in the midst of battle and begging for help.
    • The Blue Laser Commander bemoans the facct that his henchmen are identical, and proceeds to throw a carving fork in the face of one of them to give him a distinguishing feature. "Now you're the one with a fork stuck in your eye!" At first, it's treated as a Gory Discretion Shot, with hte handle of the fork jutting from offscreen as the only acknowledgement of this happening, but later you see the minion's face completely, with the fork's prongs sticking into his bloodshot eyeball and streams of blood pouring from the poor guy's shattered visor.
    Minion #1: I'm thankful I don't have a fork in my eye, sir.
    Minion #2: [Flatly] I'm...thankful for this fork in my eye.
  • The King of Town is both an Extreme Omnivore and a Big Eater. He employs the Poopsmith for reasons he doesn't want to say.
    • And he's apparently able to eat anything. Think about it.
      • Well he did seem excited to go to Transylvania after hearing from Strong Bad that they eat puppies for breakfast there.
      • And according to one Halloween special, he's capable of eating holidays. He's a borderline Eldritch Abomination!
  • An Easter egg in "Hremail 2000" shows Strong Bad walking around in what looks like Strong Sad's feet which have torn edges and make a squishy sound as he walks in them. What's more, he refers to them as "foot pelts", thus giving the impression that he's wearing Strong Sad's actual feet. Negative Continuity saves it in the end.
  • Near the end of "Homestarloween Party" Strong Sad just flickers the flashlight on and off, continuously, until the end of the toon, all while spooky music is playing. It's just...creepy...
  • There's a DVD Game on Everything Else, Volume 2 that's HONF. You play as Blue Laser, and both the wrong choices kill you. One zaps him to death and you see his skeleton, the other slices him in half and you can see his insides.
  • Regarding the Easter egg on imaginary: trying to imagine what Pumpy Clumpy looks like.
    • From that same sbemail, Coach Z shows us his imaginary friend, "Real Life Mister Blancaster Next Door." He's the most humanoid of the imaginary friends, and all he does is shiver and moan. It's really kind of unnerving, and reeks of Fridge Horror.
  • Mancuso's Older Brother from the first 2008 Halloween toon could count; the fact that he has a less-cartoony design than the regulars probably doesn't help matters.
  • At the end of the "Grumblecakes" music video, Strong Bad makes a rather unnerving grin that just has to be a Slasher Smile.
  • In the remake of "Where My Hat is At?", there's a scene where Homestar finds Strong Sad in a pool, and it seems that he was being drowned mafia-style by Strong Bad and The Cheat. Never mind the highly disturbing punishment, which is far more cruel than anything else Strong Bad has ever done to his little brother, but his eyes are also sunken in and bloodshot from being submerged so long. Yikes!
  • In the normally cheery world of Homestar Runner, it's incredibly unnerving when the series suddenly and abruptly switches tone. Such an occurrence happens in one of the Easter eggs available at the end of the Sbemail "rough copy". Homestar is shown sitting alone in a darkened room, apparently despondent. Nothing but the wind is heard for quite a while. Homestar eventually sighs and wearily mutters "DNA evidence..." This is part of a series of teasers for a later (and thankfully humorous) cartoon.
  • Strong Sad keeps a secret blog that was updated from 2002 to 2005, and surprisingly, it's genuinely sad. It's spooky from the moment you enter, with a drab grey color scheme, the depressing title "Strong Sad's Litany of Crushed Hopes and Dreams", and his creepy black-and-white profile picture (currently Bull Shannon from Night Court, with previous pictures including Count Orlok from Nosferatu and a freaky caricature of Edgar Allen Poe). Some of the content is pretty funny, as Strong Sad has a dry sense of humor and leads a very strange life, but most of it is shockingly dark for Homestar: Strong Sad is shown to be pitifully lonely, nearly emotionless, severely abused, obsessed with counting, and prone to wasting hours of his time on pointless tasks, and he has bizarre and eclectic tastes, no talent in anything, and no drive to do anything. Given how, in the main Toons, Strong Sad's depression is usually Played for Laughs, it's very upsetting to see it portrayed as the awful living hell that it really is.
    • This is one of the things you can access from Strong Sad's blog.
  • Sickly Sam's Big Outing has a scene after the flower scene where the film "glitches" up. It then cuts to an alternative ending whereas they put The Homestar Runner and Old-Timey Marizpan in the glue factory as well. It's out of nowhere, and thank goodness it's not the real ending.
  • The SB Email "current status" begins with a shot of Strong Bad's computer and no sound for the first few seconds, then the sound of running footsteps closer, which turn out to be coming from Strong Bad on the run for a reason he "really can't explain." It turns out he's running from Coach Z and Bubs because he somehow managed to switch their heads.
  • The Halloween short "I Killed Pom Pom" revolves around Homestar mistakenly believing he killed Pom-Pom. In the end, he accidentally does kill Pom-Pom.
    • And afterwards, We see Homestar being attacked by a patchwork zombie Pom-Pom. Sweet dreams, kiddies!
  • Hremail #62 has a flashback scene showing how Homestar got his "Brellow Crown," a brown and yellow crayon mashed together. The scene is a spoof of the famous "you got your chocolate in my peanut butter" Reese's commercial, with Homestar and Strong Sad holding each of the crayons. What's creepy about that? Strong Sad is talking to his crayon.
    Strong Sad: Oh, yellow crayon...only you know what really happened.
    • What's Strong Sad referring to? Let's hope we never find out.
  • Costumes 06 has this commentary by Strong Bad on a rather creepy picture of Homestar, which definitely creeped this troper out when he watched that video late one night:
    "Why do I get the sinking feeling that no one else was present when this photograph was taken? And that the camera's just sitting on a nearby trash can. And that guy accidentally set the timer for three minutes instead of ten seconds, and he sat there and waited the whole time for the picture to take. And after it did, he went back upstairs to his dorm room, and went to bed. I mean, and wet the bed."
  • The 2015 Halloween toon, "The House That Gave Sucky Tricks", is fairly tame compared to other Halloween toons like "Jibblies 2" or "I Killed Pom Pom" or "Doomy Tales of the Macabre," but there is one scene where Homsar is about to be executed via guillotine. Worst of all, this is NOT an Easter egg like the previous Halloween toons. It plays no matter what. Thankfully, the scene cuts away just as the blade comes down.
    • There's also a bit of Fridge Horror just before that scene where Marzipan asks the King of Town if he has the authority to execute people. The King responds with "Do the words 'doo-hoo-hoo' mean anything to you?" That jolly laugh implies that not only IS he able to have people executed, but he actually ENJOYS it.
      • "Doo-hoo-hoo" is also the sound he makes when he's distressed. More likely it's meant to imply that he's a totally ineffectual ruler who wouldn't be taken seriously even if he did order executions.
  • Homestar Runner Goes For The Gold was a mostly harmless 20th anniversary cartoon, but the scene where Dijjery Doo's plan backfires was somewhat unsettling. Dijjery Doo falls from the sky, causing a chunk of Tiny Handed Strong Bad's HEAD to explode and fall off. Not only that, but he also has one of Dijjery Doo's Tusks IMPALED through his head.
  • Senor Cardgage's character video.
    Strong Mad: Too many folds! TOO MANY FOLDS!
    • Not to mention the severe Uncanny Valley of seeing the characters with human mouths, even briefly.
  • Strong Bad's Easter egg at the end of "Haunted Photo Booth" has him shouting "How's Annie?" in an increasingly maniacal tone, in reference to his costume (Killer BOB from Twin Peaks). Then it fades to the Black Lounge, where Homsar appears dressed as The Man from Another Place and says "I was raised by a cup of coffee!" in a reversed-backwards-speaking voice, which either makes it more unsettling or less so.

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