Heartwarming / Homestar Runner

  • Strong Bad and Strong Sad being nice to each other in Email 150. By itself, it's nothing. When you consider how they usually treat each other, however, it's pretty touching.
    • On a similar note, the two bonding over the band Sloshy in concert before Strong Bad learns that it isn't a metal band.
    • THIS
    • This postcard as well shows that the Brothers Strong can get along. What makes this extra heartwarming is that the Cheat is being held by Strong Sad for the picture.
  • During the Maps And Minions segment of Strong Badia The Free, two characters on the same space normally fight, with the characters on you side losing, but there are two exceptions- one is, if you have The Cheat and Strong Mad on the same space, they will refuse to fight and instead share a hug.
  • Strong Bad vs. Little Girl! Strong Bad can actually talk to a small child and not say anything offensive. Especially heartwarming is the ending, where they go see the sun.
  • At the end of Sbemail 200, The Paper (which had "died" several Sbemails prior) makes a brief cameo. Strong Bad was very happy to see it again.
  • "I'm so glad the Cheat is not dead!"
  • As of July 2014, Matt Chapman confirmed on the Jeff Rubin Show that he is back in Georgia and seriously wanting to bring back the series. Elaborating that they never wanted to stop the show for so long, but after Matt's second child, it gave them the opportunity to answer the animation studio people they've been contacted by over the years, resulting in 4-5 years of professional animation work. With Matt back at home living close to Mike, they plan to rev it back up sometime in Summer-Fall 2014.
  • Speaking of bringing Homestar Runner back, this happened October of 2014. There's a new toon, and Strong Bad is being nice to Coach Z in it.
  • "I Killed Pom-Pom!":
    • The short revolves around Homestar mistakenly believing he killed Pom-Pom, with him being very distraught over the apparent death of his friend in the beginning.
    • After a years-long absence since his last appearance where he was starving to death, Homsar finally comes back to the series alive and well.
  • In "Cool Things", Marzipan is upset Homestar Runner scrawled "Cool Tapes" on her wall, and demands he go get "yella paint" to fix it. Homestar, being Homestar, ends up bringing back a bag of four grapes. However, he took so long, Marzipan got bored and started a band with Strong Mad and The Cheat called "Cool Tapes". The music is actually really good, but when Marzipan stumbles on a rhyme, Homestar suggests "a bag of four grapes" - and she sings it. Everything turned out well after all.
  • At the end of "Everybody to the Limit", Strong Bad was so impressed by The Cheat's music video that he offers to buy him a pizza.
  • Meta-heartwarming: In the 2017 Halloween toon, Bubs is dressed up as Grunkle Stan from Gravity Falls. What makes it heartwarming is that Matt Chapman worked on Gravity Falls and is friends with its creator, Alex Hirsch.