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Nightmare Fuel: Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Issue 3 had everyone think Robotnik got hold of atomic bombs and went over the destruction the weapons could cause. While it turned out he had only gotten a bomb to be used against bugs, later on Robotnik did get atomic bombs.
  • The original Dr. Robotnik had many of these moments. Such as when he gleefully tests a matter-vaporizing weapon on a pleading Overlander.
  • The launch of the first Death Egg is done in a two-page splash panel that fills the entire length of the pages.
  • The Knothole Wipeout in Endgame: Director's Cut. Robotnik apparently vaporizes Knothole Village and everyone in it with the Ultimate Annihilator.
  • "Whoops Apocalypse" from issue #51, as Sonic is plunged into a VR world where his friends have all been roboticized and turned on him. Originally, the culprit would have been Sally, who had really died during Endgame and was replaced with a robot double of her.
  • The reveal of Robo-Robotnik being a robot is accomplished by melting his skin off with acid.
  • Robo-Robotnik destroyed future!Mobius with nuclear weapons.
  • Bernie's roboticization. Her husband Jules grabs her and throws her in, and her pained expressions are horrifying.
  • While the plot point didn't really go anywhere, from around issue 100 to 118 Robotnik could roboticize anyone with the slightest touch.
  • One Zone Wars story had Sonic accidentally kill an alternate, monstrous version of his father while retrieving half of a Chaos Emerald from him. Zonic the Zone Cop revealed himself to be an alternate Sonic, and reminded him that Jules was technically his father too.
  • Lupe's roboticization in Sonic Super Special 11. She partially resists it and buys time for her friends to escape, but stays behind with her roboticized husband and children as her mind fades completely.
  • Nack shooting Mina in the back with a realistic gun.
  • Robotnik's 'daughter' Mecha had laser eyes and nearly killed Sonic when she first fought him.
  • Eggman's Egg Grapes. Sounds like a goofy name right? Actually they're devices that suck the life from living beings and turn it into energy for Eggman to use. He ends up killing almost all of Albion's inhabitants using them.
  • In issue #60, the Iron Queen vowed to return after her defeat. When she finally did, she took over New Mobotropolis and Nicole.
  • Patch making a complete mess of Antonie's life and nearly ruining his relationship with Bunnie, then topping it off by poisoning his father.
  • Having the resident Bad Ass Anti-Hero Shadow screaming mutely and twisting in pain was somewhat disturbing.
  • Mina didn't take the Iron Dominion's invasion of New Mobotropolis well. Particularly Nicole being Brainwashed and Crazy.
  • "If you or any of your echidna-buddies cross me, you're all going up like a fireworks festival." Complete with a Slasher Smile and the green lighting, Eggman just proved he can still scare if he wants to.
  • This panel gives us a very surprising reminder of what the original Dr. Robotnik was like.
  • Dark Enerjak. An evil godlike Alternate Universe Knuckles who threw the world into chaos after Sonic was unable to stop him (yep, you read that right.) Anyone who has the misfortune to lose against Enerjak has his/her "Core" (which is basically their soul) extracted from his/her body by him, which he can use to create evil robotic clones of them called Prelates. Just look at his body count, which includes Sonic, Eggman, even Shadow.
  • Ixis Naugus gets his own Nightmare Fuel moment as well.
  • The Tails Doll manages to be creepy in its familiar form. Must be the dead eyes and the glowing gem that causes bad things to happen.
  • Issue 256: Thanks to Eggman disrupting Sonic's Chaos Control at the end of the crossover, the entire multiverse collapsed on itself, with Mobius Prime and Blaze's world being the only confirmed survivors. Eggman has committed the single greatest act of mass-murder in the comic's history. And then Mobius breaks apart.
  • Sonic gets a face full of the dark energy that's seeping out of Mobius's core and, with every stressed-out moment from then on, comes dangerously close to snapping. This version of the Werehog may not be as benign as his game self.
  • In #262, Sonic and Rotor start drowning because their air necklaces aren't fully charged, and Sonic starts to turn into the Werehog. The Off-Panel is even worse about this as Sonic is his usual self... and still drowns.
  • The end of Universe #67 gives us a nasty hallucinatory jump scare involving Relic bugging out.
  • Issue #265 shows us what the world looks like through the Werehog's eyes. It isn't pretty.

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