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Nightmare Fuel: Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth
  • In the intro to case three, Edgeworth gets attacked by a person with a sword in a Proto Badger suit with empty eyes.
  • In case 5, regarding Quercus Alba:
    • there's Quercus Alba's breakdown where parts of his face fly off!
    • Alba has their own OBJECTION! clip, which can surprise some players the first time it plays as he's neither a prosecutor nor a lawyer.
    • On an Adult Fear level, Alba is a corrupt diplomat whose dealings resulted in the death of an innocent witness and the catastrphic damage of the economy of an entire country with counterfeit bills. Scandalous ambassadors and other people in positions of political power who use their power to subvert justice unfortunately exist in real life.
  • Also in Case 5, Shih-na laughing a second time.

  • The second case of the second game's introduction, which features Manosuke lying dead in a dank, eerily-lit prison, bleeding heavily (by the series' standards) from a neck wound inflicted by a hound with a bloodied snout...
  • In the 5th case of AAI2 14-year-old Sarushiro Souta's drawing of what he witnessed happened in SS-5. Especially at how he draws Houinbou Ryouken the assassin.
  • Bansai Ichiyanagi in AAI2 is practically Nightmare Fuel personified. The very idea of a 68 year old Psychopathic Manchild is incredibly disturbing in itself, and almost from his first appearance he's horribly verbally abusing his own son. And it only gets worse as you learn more of what he did... holding a foreign president for ransom and having him assassinated anyway, beating a witness to death with a brick, auctioning off evidence from past cases, brutally murdering another person who found out, forging evidence in the past and using that fact to blackmail the coroner who hepled him, and her family, later on, kidnapping the judge's son to manipulate his own trial... and then you remember that this guy was Chief Prosecutor for who knows how long, and is implied to have killed more people in the past, including his wife. And to make matters worse, he has a voiced Objection, and it somehow manages to be worse than von Karma's and Alba's combined. It sounds practically demonic.
  • How about the Big Bad of all of AAI 2? Simon Keyes/Sarushiro Souta was one of the most fiendish final bosses in the franchise. Why? Because he was responsible for a majority of the murders in the game...and didn't lift a finger for any but the last. He was able to easily manipulate everyone, not only from the shadows, but was able to manipulate Edgeworth into bailing him out of suspicion in Case 2. He had nearly everything under control, the only slip-up until Case 5 was his aforementioned issues in Case 2. The only reason he was even caught was due to an utter Spanner in the Works in Justine Courtney who brought the fake Huang to the roof on April 4th. Had she not done so, everyone would be none the wiser AND even if they had, he would have no direct hands in any murder. The only bright spot is that all his targets were true Asshole Victims.

Thus the truth was lost for all eternity. (SLAM)

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