Music / The Cog Is Dead

The Cog Is Dead is a Steam Punk band from Florida whose musical styles range between folk, rock'n'roll, ragtime, reggae and beyond. Like Abney Park, their fictional backstory is that of a roaming airship crew, with the twist that they also travel through time. To date they have released three studio albums: Steam Powered Stories (2010), Full Steam Ahead (2013) and Carnival of Clockwork (2015). Their lineup:

  • Captain John Sprocket (John Mondelli) - lead vocals, guitar, keyboard, ukulele, banjo, accordion and kazoo
  • Bradley Harrington III (Bradley Whalen) - Bass, Backing Vocals and Dialogue
  • Renate Goodwin - Drums

Old members:
  • Sir Christofer Wolfe (Chris Fowle) - Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Joel (Joel Dennerle) - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Mr. Tony Seville (Tony Mondelli) - Drums

The Cog Is Dead and their music provide examples of: