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Music: Lil B
Call me Obama BasedGod!
Lil B, "I Own Swag"
Thank You Based God

Lil B "the BasedGod"(born Brandon McCartney) is a Berkeley, California-based indie rapper. Formerly a member of Bay Area group The Pack, Lil B has focused on his solo career from 2009 onwards. Lil B is well-known for being a prominent yet extremely polarizing fixture of Swag Rap, using social networking(particularly MySpace and Twitter) to build a large online fanbase, and his highly-memetic music.

Lil B is extraordinarily prolific in terms of his musical output, and has released the vast majority of his work as free mixtapes, and has collaborated with a number of other rappers including Soulja Boy, Cormega, and Lil Wayne.

Some of Lil B's well-known songs include:

Lil B provides examples of:

  • A Based God Am I
  • Be Yourself: According to Word of God, "based" refers to embodying this trope and, in doing so, spreading love and positivity.
  • Bishōnen: A self-proclaimed one, at that!
  • Boastful Rap: Of the surreal variety. Lil B has claimed that he looks like Jesus, compares himself to Ellen Degeneres, Paris Hilton, Bill Clinton, and Justin Bieber, to name but a few.
  • Broken Record: Most of "4 Me". I know yo bitch wanna ho for meeeeeeeeee...
    • Tends to happen a lot on his cooking songs.
  • Celebrity Song: Many, many examples...
  • Cloudcuckoolander
  • Colbert Bump: Producer Clams Casino, who is now better known for his work with Swag Rap artist A$AP Rocky, started gaining exposure thanks to his work with Lil B, particularly on tracks like "Cold War" and "I'm God".
  • Conscious Hip Hop: Illusions Of Grandeur and I'm Gay.
  • Epic Rapping: There's a song on the 05 Fuck Em mixtape called G.O.R. (God of Rap) that is 10 minutes long, probably the longest song the Based God has ever made.
  • Fan Nickname: The Bitch Mob or the Task Force. Note that "bitch" is not at all used pejoratively here.
  • Have a Gay Old Time: Subverted with his album I'm Gay - he really did mean in the older definition for "happy".
  • Intercourse with You: Many, many of his songs involve him engaging in intercourse with your or someone else's significant other, with some in more explicit territory(such as "I'ma Eat Her Ass").
  • Kindhearted Cat Lover: Has an adopted tabby cat named Keke who he has musically collaborated with.
  • Loudness War: Moreso on his more recent mixtapes, but a lot of his songs are distorted and bass-heavy. The bad vocal mixing doesn't help.
    • Violate That Bitch is a notable case. The vocals and beat are distorted to the point where there's points where Based God's vocals can barely be heard.
  • Me's a Crowd: Not in the physical sense, but in an interview with ''Complex'', Lil B has claimed that he views himself, Brandon McCartney, and the BasedGod as separate entities.
  • Neoclassical Punk Zydeco Rockabilly: Just enough to qualify for this trope. Some of his earlier mixtapes such as Dior Paint and Rain In England are much more spoken word monologues over Ambient-style instrumentals than actual rapping. Example: "TV to the Internet".
  • Race Fetish: "I love Asian girls" from the remix of "Ellen Degeneres".
  • Rapping to Himself: On several tracks, particularly "I'm Fabio" and "BasedGod Fucked My Bitches", Lil B raps about meeting the BasedGod, which is a character he created.
  • Real Men Wear Tiny Pants: Lil B is known for, and proudly proclaims, his love of short shorts and tight pants. From "I'm God":
    ''"Bet I'm the only goon nigga in these tiny pants"
  • Stealth Parody: His cooking songs are undoubtedly this, as they are based on satirizing rap stereotypes and making fun of hip-hop conventions. There are loads of people who take him at face value and think he's being serious without having heard any of his actual attempts at rapping like Illusions of Grandeur. And then there are the people who think his cooking songs are good.
  • Stuffy Old Songs About the Buttocks: "I'ma Eat Her Ass". SCRUMPTIOUS!
  • Stylistic Suck: Big time. His songs are distorted to a dizzying degree and most of his lyrics consist of (intentionally) lazy rhymes and clumsy flows.
  • Swag Rap: The Trope Codifier.
  • Theme Naming: The "Flame" series of mixtapes. A number of his mixtapes include the phrase "based" as well.
  • Title Only Chorus: Happens a lot on his cooking songs. "Justin Bieber", "I'm Miley Cyrus", and "Bitch I'm Bill Clinton" are great examples of this.
  • Tone Shift: Illusions of Grandeur is generally a much more serious work than most of his output, with lyrics focused more on his petty criminal past and life in a poor urban community. Unlike most of his other mixtapes, there are almost no "cooking" songs.
    • In general, the "Paint" series of mixtapes is more ambient and spoken-word styled, with more introspective lyrics and nary a shout of "SWAG" or "WOOP" to be found.
  • Verbal Tic: Extremely often, with shouts of "swag", "WOOP", "BasedGod" "chef", "knife", and "cook" in between lines.
    • He also goes "Mmmm", "AAAAGH", "OKAAAY" and "YESSS" quite a bit.
    • As of 2014, add "FIGARO!" to that list.
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